Perception and Projection

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Morning. Id like to do a little talk on a subject called perception and and projection. So perception and projection.
Just because of the way that we are wired people you will find that there you know applications that are universal for result. What i mean by that is that youll find that we all project on other people and our perception of being projected on is also valid so to understand the concept of perception and projection. You have to understand this mantra.
All perception is projection. Now what do i mean by that well what i mean by that is all perception is projection is that we all live in a world where boy when events happen in air lloyd okay. We are inclined to project outwards.
If we dont want to take responsibility for what it is thats going on in our lives. So you know were inclined to go if only i had better parents if only i had a better job opportunity. If only that person had to be nicer to me.
If only i hadnt took this action. Thats all projection. Outwards and the perception that people get of people who do a lot of projection.
Is that arm owners you know theyre just constantly moaning or giving out about their circumstances and they want to blame everybody else for them instead of just taking responsibility for what it is youre manifesting in your own life and so you know when you know some when you see something in somebody just know that what youre seeing in that person is somewhere within you and it might be you know you might have build in years and years of meditation and work on yourself to get to a very deep level in order to find after still residues of that in your being both. What would be important is for you to acknowledge that its there and then go and search and that takes work and that takes courage as we all know because you know if you just continue to project your you know all the government is doing a really bad job of this virus or you know if if only they did this and disk thats just a waste of energy. Its a waste of time.
And its a waste of opportunity because its during these times. We have the best opportunity to really figure out who we are what we are and what it is we really want in life. So when you stop the projecting when you say okay you know for the next month.
Im not gonna blame anything on anybody else. Except myself that would be an interesting exercise and see how many times you want to blame other people on whats going on in your life.

what is not an example of projection design as it existed before its contemporary usage?-0
what is not an example of projection design as it existed before its contemporary usage?-0

Take that time now and if a month is too long prior than two weeks or even a week. But you know now was the time to take the time to breakdown them into this experience into this time where you can go hell am. I wasting energy with all this projecting.
How am i you know in a position to sustain my energy to feel more in control of the only things i can control ie my own tasks are my own experiences you know as the buddha. Once said about you know the angry man who turned around and said to the buddha. Oh youre just one of these people who talk a lot.
But dont apply the teachings you know when he got really angry at the buddha. And the buddha just smiles at him and you said well you know when you receive a present and you dont accept the present. And you dont open.
The present who does the present belong to and the guy thinks for a moment ago as well it belongs to you cuz you know its yours and he said exactly so where your anger is yours and this is what the teachings do this is the perception and projection in a teaching heres the buddha himself teaching this in a more traditional fashion. If you like where now that were living in 2020. You know its time to start getting 20 20.
Vision on all aspects of our life. You know and as i say one the great ways of doing this is stop projecting outwards look at everything thats going on around you look at whats manifesting and ask yourself what relationship do i have with this situation for instance. If youre finding it difficult to manifest finances look at all the experiences in your life around finances.
Where you know where finance is used as a way of and punishing you when you were younger ie. If you got you know pocket money for doing little jobs. But youre told all you didnt do the job right.
So youre not get nanny money or whatever. Then this could be a belief in your system. That youre not worthy of having money and you need to trace that um stop stop thinking right down to you know you mele remember looking at movies as a children movies like its a wonderful life or as scrooge and what message did you get from that did you get all rich people are just horrible people.
Did you did you get that message did you get the message of you know. Its not good to have money because people wont like you you know what message did you get from those movies.

what is not an example of projection design as it existed before its contemporary usage?-1
what is not an example of projection design as it existed before its contemporary usage?-1

And once again youll find that are there the messages are there the experiences are there and are locked into your unconscious mind. Theyve become subconscious habits. If you like and so you know unless you take responsibility for this theyre going to be constantly with you i dont like telling people this.
But its the truth. If you dont take the time to work on your issues. Then the issues will remain with you for much longer than they need to okay so you know applying what ive said and applying the understanding of you know like all perception is projection.
Then you really can you know allow people to be angry at you or you know whatever. It is and understand okay how much of this belongs to me. And how much of this is being projected upon and you can take some deep breaths and go you know was there any truth in in anything that was said because you will find in these situations.
Strangely. You know you will find that there is some truth in there if it affects you and this is why i do say to people quite a lot you know get into your body. Dont get out of your body get into your body.
Because your body is like a receiving station and when somebody says something to you and you know it hurts you in some way. Its because and i know again the people dont like hearing this. But its because there is something in the statement or in the exchange that is true and you know have you got the courage to look at that and say you know well yet.
There is truth and that or you know whatever it takes so again a nice example of what it is im talking about when when in in relation to this is that you know if you find yourself in this sort of strange situation. Where say somebody turns around and says to you all your teeth. Youre a robber.
Okay and you feel offended by you know being called to tea for being called a robber heres the team luke and see is there any time in your experience in your life. Where you stopped something and you know if so theres why youre feeling. Thats was truth in their statements.
Know they might be accusing you of stealing something that you didnt steal you know what thats starting. But itll always connect back thats or their subconscious jaws.

what is not an example of projection design as it existed before its contemporary usage?-2
what is not an example of projection design as it existed before its contemporary usage?-2

It connects us back from one experience to the next experience to the next experience. And this is why we constantly get triggered. We get triggered again and again and the gift of being triggered again and again as i say the gift is because if you constantly are getting triggered by the same type of scenario.
The same type of situation. The gift of that is its showing you again and again and again hey. Its time to look at this situation and deal with it so thats my thought for you to as i say really look at yourself.
Now really take this responsibility for everything thats going on in your life. And then truly then you will understand perception you will understand projection and you will understand how you can begin to change and control aspects of your life. That no longer support who you are so i leave you with this message.
Who you are is much bigger than anything you have ever taught you are but because of your experiences. You dont really trust and believe in yourself now is the time to do so so im going to project this toss onto you you are brilliant. You are a wonderment in the world.
You an are an important person in the world and most of all you are lost so enjoy the rest of your day. Do you apply some of these teachings throughout the week or the month or longer. If you cant and whatever changes your life for the better.
Because thats what its about changing your life for the better. But not always expecting to be happy because thats not since you wont always be happy. But you can have a better life and a better experience.
Thank you for listening and subscribe. If you want more of these videos or send me your suggestions on topics that youd like me to talk about to bewell clinic at yahoocom bw e. Ll see li and ic at yahoocom.
And ill see if i can cover the subject for you have a great day have a great week talk to you again soon bye. .

what is not an example of projection design as it existed before its contemporary usage?-3
what is not an example of projection design as it existed before its contemporary usage?-3

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