How to Heal Cyclical Patterns of Thinking

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Beloved consumer. Thank you for joining me for unit confessions. My name is enoch oh oh unicron and it is my honor to have your attention this morning.
I was what i do every morning and i was rolling around in bed. And i was thinking oh coffee and then i got out of bed. And i made coffee and now im drinking it and so what that is is a ritual every single morning.
I pair that action of waking up with the thought of coffee. What that does then is caused me to manifest coffee and might super into my reality. Because i make it and then i get the reward of my addiction and of the stimulant coffee into my body now this whole thing is a ritual and the original original thoughts of when i first wake up paired with waking up of coffee are very safe in the sense that if i didnt have those i might not make the coffee and i might be left without any coffee at all and then i would be drowsy and probably have a headache and there would be some suffering and behold typical thinking is this idea that our brains are grounded in this really physical our brains are both physical and electrical.
So youve got the physical aspect of the synapses that are connecting all the different parts of the brain with the thoughts. And youve got the electrical impulses of the thoughts that go within them and as you send electricity through your brain in different thought forms or different thoughts shapes your brain will shape around it thats neuroplasticity. So our brains are absolutely magic.
But i was talking to one of my clients for life coaching.

what is the term for repetitive, cyclical patterns of behavior?-0
what is the term for repetitive, cyclical patterns of behavior?-0

The other day and they were saying well how come i keep having these negative thoughts. I ive already established that i dont want to have these negative thoughts and and yet they keep happening to me. So why how can i stop this and i explained to them that its just this this really grounded way of thinking that your brain takes forever to change.
I would say between one and three years to really shape your whole reality into a new reality. Because those rivers of thought that you have already formed are so deep and so consistent that your brain just gravitates towards this and they feel really good and comfortable to keep thinking your old ways of thinking. And when you start to think new ways of thinking.
Lets say if youre a very negative person and you start to think in new positive ways they might feel fake or plastic at first because those rivers of thought have not yet formed theyre not as deep. They dont feel as authentic even though theyre just as legitimate theyre just not as strong in your own mind. And so.
What that made me realize recently is that going along with my theory that we can literally do anything we weve been told in channel. Text that earth is in a freewheel zone. And what that means to me is that we can do literally whatever we want and we always think of free will as being only an only tide to like our thoughts and our day to day interactions.
But the way i see free will is that we can do whatever we want this reality is entirely flexible.

what is the term for repetitive, cyclical patterns of behavior?-1
what is the term for repetitive, cyclical patterns of behavior?-1

But its not entirely instantly flexible and thats because there would be serious repercussions. If it were just like my coffee example. If we suddenly careened into a totally new way of thinking every day.
The whole world would be a total mess right because no one would be thriving on routine. And so. The routine is kind of this the safety net for us as reality creators.
Because i believe of this in a lot of different levels. So weve got it in our personal realities and weve got it in the physical reality. I think earth has her own memory of how she is and how it behaves and then i think weve got our cultural memory of how we all expect the world to work.
And so for us to all think well why cant i fly or why cant i make the grass purple. You can its just that we have to change these other patterns of thinking in the earths situation and also in the cultural situation and also in your personal reality. So really all this information is good for is understanding that your cyclical patterns of thinking have deep implications and and theyre theyre really grounding us in this way of being and behaving and living in a way that allows us to function is actually very biologically sound in the sense that it prevents us from totally destroying ourselves with new realities every day.
And it is a little bit too slow probably for us now because were able to change our thinking and change our understanding so rapidly with technology.

what is the term for repetitive, cyclical patterns of behavior?-2
what is the term for repetitive, cyclical patterns of behavior?-2

But we didnt used to be that way as humans information used to be very slow and so. Thats why our brains are very slow because for thousands of years its taken information a really long time to get to people if he lives in a town. Youd only have a few books in that town for like a long time and even before that there were no books in the town.
You just have your memory and your grandpas my ready to go on so information is going so fast now that our brains are a little bit slow. And so we know that its beneficial for us to think in a certain way and yet our brains keep dragging us back to this old way of thinking. Its not a bad thing.
And its not a sign of going backwards in progress. Theres no such thing as going backwards in progress so as you go through your healing or on the path to joy. Theres only four words to joy.
But the fifth step on the passageway is time and dedication and the reason. Why thats there is because we have to change our biology as well like through our thoughts. Thats a really profound and hardcore thing to do and we can do it because ive done it and ive seen a lot of people and you nicole do the same thing and how you can change your cyclical negative thinking into positive negative thinking is notice the rituals that youre performing when you have pacifica thinking sometimes we are at a grocery store and we have a cyclical bad thought or we are triggered by certain things.
Its good to notice these triggers and try to reshape and reform those triggers into positive beneficial realities.

what is the term for repetitive, cyclical patterns of behavior?-3
what is the term for repetitive, cyclical patterns of behavior?-3

But even if you dont see a trigger and youre just like why is my brain just totally gone off track. And its trying to kill me dont worry because thats actually normal. If your old way of thinking wasnt that way and i think a lot of times.
It feels like your old way of thinking against so. Lets say you youre on the path to joy and youve changed a lot of your negative thoughts into positive loads and then all of a sudden you get thrown back into this darkness will contrast. It against the light.
Its gonna feel a lot worse than it was when you were just in your day to day interactions feeling that every single day because that routine starts to feel normal. So when you are feeling pretty positive and you go into a negative. And it feels horrible it feels worse than anything realize that thats your brain forming these new channels and when you go back into those old channels.
Those are starting to feel not as legitimate and not as valid thats really powerful and thats really amazing so as we change our minds and our brains and our understandings and our imaginations about what is possible what is reality what can your own potential your own power your own like joy that comes from within. Then this whole world is going to change really dramatically and i dont think we should limit ourselves at all because i i really see this mechanism as being something that keeps this earth kind of grounded and this reality grounded in in one reality. But that doesnt mean that its not flexible.
Its just very slow so thank you so much i hope that this information helps and if you need help on your path to joy. Let me know im i do life coaching services. Called video communion you can find that on my website.
You know call unicron and theres a button called healing for you you burn bucks .

what is the term for repetitive, cyclical patterns of behavior?-4
what is the term for repetitive, cyclical patterns of behavior?-4

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