How To Get A Referral In Tech

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Tech leader hows it going hows it going how do you think it its going look climate. I dont know who you think you are but used to work at google. Okay yeah.
I was wondering if you would be down to give me a referral to facebook you know youre sure on last months payment. I mean i guess i could pay you well its its not gonna be cheap. You know i dont work for.
Free i dont do open. Source its gonna be 5000. And just for having taken the time to talk to me im doubling it ten thousand alright.
I guess ten thousand it is thanks bye. Whats up everybody hows it going so first of all the clip that you just saw was obviously not serious please do not take it seriously. I did not bribe the tech lead a furry referral.
Though that would have been cool. But with that said. I do get asked all the time about referrals.
How do i get a referral. Whats the best way to get a referral. So i figured let me make a video on referrals and how to get them now while most of my experience lies in tech specifically in software engineering.
I think this advice applies to non tech roles and other tech roles that arent necessarily software engineering roles so lets start by defining what a referral is exactly its very simple basically youve got someone who works at a company who goes to the recruiters or the hiring managers at that company who are actively you know recruiting for a specific role and says hey i know someone maybe. Its a friend or someone ive worked with before. But i know someone who my dean is qualified for this role and willing to recommend them to you i want you to consider them above other people because i think theyre really good and they would be good for this job right and on the flip side the recruiters or the hiring managers.
What theyre getting is theyre getting someone who works at the company whos been through the companys interview. Process or whatever and who is saying. Hey i know someone who i think is gonna be a good fit.
So as you can probably tell from the companys perspective. Referrals are really good because you sort of get a presumably really good or competitive candidate handed to you on a silver platter. You dont have to sift through thousands of resumes or hundreds of applications.
You just have someone who already works at the company and who tells you heres a great candidate please interview them so its a really. Its a very powerful signal for a company when someone gets referred assuming that the referral is what ill call legit and because its such a powerful signal and people get referred people who give really good referrals tend to give qualified candidates and these people get hired. And so on and so forth people who successfully refer candidates are often compensated by the companies that theyre referring the candidates to because why its not uncommon especially in big tech for companies to pay whats called a referral bonus to the person referring saying.
Hey. If you successfully refer someone to us and we end up hiring them. And that person ends up.
Actually starting. Well well give you x thousand. Dollars or x.
Hundred. Dollars. Just as a you know as a token of our appreciation and by the way.
These referral bonuses can actually be pretty high you know north of like five thousand dollars depending on the company. Now in case. I havent made it abundantly clear by now.
The key thing for this entire serve referral process to work is that the referral itself has to be sort of legit meaning the person giving a referral has to actually be able to say i genuinely vote for this person.

which of the following best defines what a provider referral is?-0
which of the following best defines what a provider referral is?-0

I would genuinely recommend them and what that usually translates into in real life is the person giving the referral has to actually have worked with the person that theyre referring or has to know them they have to be really good friends or maybe really good co workers. You know they have to have some relationship and by the way when youre actually giving a referral although. Im sure that its different depending on the company that youre at.
But typically youre gonna fill out some sort of questionnaire or form or application. Where you actually have to explain in what capacity do i know this person how have i worked with this person in the past do i only know them a little bit or do i know them really well am. I really well versed in the things that ive seen them do or am.
I not so all in all what im trying to get at is that this is not like a trivial thing where im where were referral is just you know tossing a name in a minute. I write a referral something that takes a long time to door takes a decent amount of time to like do and it has to be legitimate so with that said i want to share with you three instances of referrals that ive personally received as well as a couple of examples of referrals that ive given to other people. So lets start with the referrals that ive received the most recent.
One that i got was actually from the tech lead. The x goggle tech. Weed.
He referred me to facebook and the way that it happened was very organic basically. He had been an affiliate for my company. Algo expert.
Meaning. He was sort of promoting our product on our behalf and we had established a nice relationship. We had gotten to know each other we had done a couple of collaborations on youtube.
One of them we talked about like how i built algo experts from a systems design point of view. And another one was about my story coming from a coding boot camp and one day. I was emailing him about something related to the affiliate partnership and then i said hey by the way.
Id be interested in in you know an opportunity or looking for a new opportunity how do referrals work at facebook would you be down to give me one and it just sort of worked that way right. I knew that while i had never worked with him directly from a sort of coding point of view. He had seeing my work firsthand with algo expert.
For instance. He had sort of understood like how i built the platform. He was he was people leaved in the platform enough to promote it himself right.
He knew that i worked at google. He he had seen all of that he had seen all these behaviors and me. And so he was willing to do it now this tech lead referral is pretty different from the two other referrals that i want to share with you here.
The first one of the other two happened this was way back before i even worked at google. So you know two and a half years ago. I just graduated from my coding bootcamp and my one of my best.
Friends antoine. Who was also my co founder on algo expert. His girlfriend that at the time worked at lifts.
The ride sharing company and she knew me extremely well we were you know all throughout high school and during college on projects and all that stuff and so he sort of could vouch for me really firsthand told told her about me and asked her if he could refer me. And she did and it was a successful referral sort of through a third party. So that was another example of a referral where i did work with someone really firsthand probably even closer than i did with tech weed.
But he then had me get referred through somebody else and the third referral is another referral that had gotten around the same time after i graduated from my coding boot camp. And that was i think to linkedin. And that was you know a close friend who does directly referred me period.
Right he he put in the referral.

which of the following best defines what a provider referral is?-1
which of the following best defines what a provider referral is?-1

He didnt go through some third party. Who was at the company that he was working at and that just worked out really well now as for the two referrals that i had given that i want to share here. The first one was about i think six months ago.
And its actually the first referral. My first successful referral at google meaning the person actually got hired and is gonna be starting at google. And its one of my best friends from college.
I knew i know him extremely well he asked me for a referral. I was happy to give it to him and he got the job gonna start in like september unfortunately because i left the company before he joins. I will not be getting my referral bonus.
Which kind of sucks that was a successful referral now the second referral that ive given that i want to share with you is one that was a bit different. It wasnt someone that i knew i think he had graduated from the same boot camp that i went to but a few months after i finished it and he reached out to me. Because he had a podcast that he was running and he wanted to invite me on the podcast and certainly you know interview me.
And asked me about had gotten to google and how i had found it. Algo expert and all that we sort of established the relationship from there and then you know he asked me referral and i was happy to give it you know it was a sort of different kind of referral than the one. I gave to my best friend or one of my best friends from college.
It was more the kind of referral that maybe tech lead gave to me right a view. A sort of softer referral. Where you havent worked entirely firsthand with a person.
But you still know them enough to get a good signal from them. And it just worked out so these are the examples that i wanted to share the key point. The sort of common thread between all of these is that for a referral to be effective as ive said multiple times before in this video.
The person referring. The other person has to know them pretty well in some some capacity they have to be able to speak to their ability. This is why its very important to grow your network and to grow your network early on in your career.
I think that once you land that first job. It becomes increasingly easy to get referrals. Theres because you start to know people you know your co workers who go work at other companies and you can talk to them and so on and so forth.
But the difficulty arises when youre the very early start of your career. And you dont necessarily know anybody in your field. Which is why things like you know events.
Networking events career fairs at universities class projects. Things. Like that can be really important.
Because you can build up relationships that can that you can then use as a network. If you ever need a referral so hopefully. This is sort of cleared up and answered any confusion and questions that there might be around referrals if you found this video helpful or informative.
Please just toss. A white button to me and i really appreciate that you can just like toss it either over hand or under and however you want just toss. It well all be happy and of course.
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The whole nine yards. See you in the next one .

which of the following best defines what a provider referral is?-2
which of the following best defines what a provider referral is?-2

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