Whiskey Review: Jack Daniel’s No.27 Gold Tennessee Whiskey with Jack Daniel’s Classic Comparison

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Okay all right this is a travel retail purchase by mark patton. Who happens to to be the first whiskey somali. A in korea mark patton not kirk pen mark you magnificent because last time we shot a video or mark.
Gave us something we call them kirk and it was because of a cut and paste mistake yeah. Little bit lublin chad can we blame chad maybe we just call him the kirk. Kirk bad.
News. Daniels. Number 27.
Gold. What makes the gold different than a regular check in and its this is a travel retail special edition. So is this the kind of whats it called the tag.
The duty free breed thats what they typically call it travel retail. Okay. But they may have really stood elsewhere.
Okay now i think originally it was travel retail. But they call it double mellowed and all they mean is they filtered it twice. I thought of the charcoal filtering process that jack daniels does right right this ngo.
But is this the quality visual tennessee. Way to go wrapped up. But then youre just seeing mark help i havent touched this thing look at this do not open okay.
This is front thats all korean writing gotta look on the receipt. Im not allowed to drink this oh i left my knife over here. Oh no i look at enemy.
Oh. Thats a cool box man. So you get that little little race up.
There. Yeah. What is it say i jumble mellowed extra matured and golden huge maintenance arrows yeah maple oh maple tree yeah maple wood twice charcoal military luxurious senses maple and it eating leaves smooth finish fair enough.
I like the bottle. Yeah yeah. It looks gold its a gold thing.
Yeah make sense or gold so whiskey in the glass here we go autumn 2015. I will do this no youre the merger theyre not even really the mooch anymore. Im just just a wastrel.
Which hell often do you get to use that word. Yeah not often enough like is the answer to that im usually yeah all right now i dig jack daniels. I was just a good lets have some damn whiskey yeah as a matter of fact the only time ive ever been truly drunk in my whole life was a bottle of jack daniels classic.
I was hanging out. Ill tell the story in a second cuz. Its a its a glorious story.
Im im ready im prepared i enjoyed i enjoyed glor good i need to compare this to the classic. Jack yes. We will that im intrigued because daniel.
He tries desperately hard not to drink too much yeah. He destroyed cuz. I lose control.
And thats my worst nightmare is losing control.

jack daniels honey gift set-0
jack daniels honey gift set-0

Yeah and mine is oh. I like this is pretty daniel being boring. So.
Theres tension. There yeah. Yeah okay.
Lets just say being drunk. Does not make me not boring inside. Just to lay that nothing super super and mildly weird on the note.
It tastes like even prettier. Jack daniels for some might even say smoother. Jack daniels just bourbon on the nose man yeah just middle of the road now tennessee whiskey is what they would call this is eric mm hmm okay theres a difference.
But its really small thats the original yeah i just try it the gold im gonna add a little water to the gold yeah if you like one you like and you like the other yeah. This is you wont like it 80 worth it does ive needed this is squarely in their wheelhouse. They know.
This is a slight variation on jack daniels and anybody that wants to kind of color outside the outside the wings just a little tiny bit then thatll do it. But not a lot. Its not yeah.
Its not even on a 10 different. Yeah. So i threw a party at my house.
Okay here we go and we keep in mind. We the notes. Weve given so far will circle back maple and honey yeah and smooth yeah yeah.
Its just the bits. The balanced barrel. And its good.
I you know what im not getting them maybe. Its not maybe. Its less about what were getting because its just you know now the way we ruined it maybe what were not getting mm hmm.
Its more interesting. Im not getting a cherry. Oh youre not wrong in that i dont get the cherry in the classic jack daniels either so i threw a party at my house ages ago okay.
This is probably 15 years ago. Yeah and my drummer from my band shows up first yes with his wife and hes like hey. Thats why we start with a couple of guinness mm.
Hmm two each just sitting drinking guinness and then he says hey do you have any whiskey yeah. And im like i dont think so i think because at the time. It was not a whiskey guy now.
I dont think i have any. Oh. My roommate left a full bottle of jack daniels in the cupboard.
Thats what roommates are for yeah. And so we went over there and pull it out and i pour a shot each for us and we both drink it and then his wife says hey babe. Its time to go and they leave right have you ever been in a party.
When the person youve been hanging out with leaves and you realize theres all these other current conversations going and you could either work hard to insert yourself right in another conversation. Sure or you could just stay. Where you are youve invested all of your social currency.
Only one person time your attention all of your energy.

jack daniels honey gift set-1
jack daniels honey gift set-1

The resources. The finite resource. I have yeah have gone into a human being yeah maybe a couple then they leave theyre gonna.
And then theres a whole party still going and youre standing there with your head. Yeah like well i could work really hard to insert myself into someone elses conversation. Sure or i could just sit here in this chair.
Right and so i had a whole bottle of jack daniels and a glass and i just refilled and started sipping listening to other peoples conversations. But not interacting right thats the last thing. I remember so when i woke up it was on the floor of my bathroom mm hmm and when i came out of the bathroom my one of my old friends was sleeping on the couch.
Because he was worried about me. And he wanted to be around in case. Something happened it turns out to drink that whole bottle one glass of jack daniels after two guinness.
All by myself just not healthy yes not healthy so it was so bad. I never actually threw up i probably would have been way better off if i had it was so bad. I had been practice that afternoon at like 4 00.
And i woke up felt like death shower advil when in the band practice laid down on the studio floor on the cold wood because it was like oh this feels good and my band mates walked in and their first reaction was like oh dude like shower or something and i said i did im losing whisky out of every pore. I mean im nosing some whisky in ya ass. But i still did a two hour man practice fully hungover.
I think i was pretty much drunk for two days. So you have a drunk story. No i died mature come on and responsible you have at least one come on tell me youre i got weighed disproportionately okay sir on story i will tell you fine but quickly the word ill have to i never would i didnt wake up and i feel like i feel like death because i am an adult sized man and it doesnt affect me you didnt drink it not like it like it does you but the worst.
I ever felt waking up after doing a whisky is when we did the whiskey and cigars. Oh cuz all the cigar and why god will link it up here another channel. But we did the how many cigars we did like six six like back to back comparing all these whiskey yeah and then we and then after we shut the camera down we smoked all the remaining cigars okay we didnt want them to go to waste.
I felt like i couldnt it wasnt to the next morning. I cured him from cigar no i get a forever this is the dog its in my mouth. Yeah yeah next week.
I get would feel so like just bad. Im kind of glad i couldnt walk a straight line not because i was inebriated because of how bad like id like it that my life force had been drained from my body. Yeah.
Heres the thing. Im kind of glad that like i was a part of your im the worst feeling drunk story ever had i think it was episode two or something. And thats what i was like okay hold on we need some boundaries to be mindful here.
Yeah. We need to only make daniel go through the shenanigans stead of both of us. Oh yeah.
We dont have anything more to say about it other than its taste like jack daniels. Very classic. Its jack daniels ten percent less sharp yes thats it chuck who knows jim so take your the same knife and do it a little bit you got the 27 mm.
But if you can never had jack daniels sweetness. No cherry this could be a really good entry level in two bourbons or tennessee whiskeys in general sure and were gonna start a pitched battle on honey sweet enginee whiskey bourbon tennessee whiskey whiskey i get a little get a little apple in there a little bit of the oak. But all these are really balanced not any think youre having an apple hangover from the last.
No no it doesnt have sherry. It doesnt have curie a little bit uh. I think we i think you tend to lose that with the charcoal filtering.
It feels like because i feel the same way about nickel. I dont get the itch area now any there so people have strong feelings about tennessee whiskey being bourbon. No being not bourbon heres to fighting stealing and drinking if you fight me a fight for a friend and you still make you steal lovers heart and drink mega drink with us.
Hey thanks for hanging out with us in the whiskey vault. Dont forget to throw in a like hit that subscribe button on the bottom right and drop a question or comment down below. .

jack daniels honey gift set-2
jack daniels honey gift set-2

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