Lunatik Epik Apple Watch Case Unboxing \u0026 Review

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Whats up guys alert with new video and today. Were doing an unboxing unboxing for a new key slash strap for the apple watch. And that stuff the epik and a little bit background about this so lunatic was the company that i kind of launched.
It propelled the cool ipod nano watch cases. A few years ago. And they were really thinking ahead of its time back.
Then really making the act. The ipod nano into a very cool looking watch and ever since then and to be honest. With you havent heard of the company.
Until the apple watch just came out and they were back on kickstarter launching the epic. And it was kind of interesting to see when i walk into my best buy today they had these on shelves for 69 dollars went on kickstarter their original backers still hadnt received shipment notifications or any type of product just yet after a little bit of research. I found that theres actually two variants of it this is a polycarbonate version and then when on kickstarter is made of aluminum.
Its interesting to see. Though that they never didnt mention a polycarbonate version was coming out at a cheaper price point so again. Ill let you guys how to determine your thoughts on that but in the meantime.
Im actually really curious to see how its going to look and unbox this bad boy okay guys so here we have the box as you can see lunatik epik in the front. It has the rugged protection for the apple watch i dont see anywhere here or as a matter of fact. There it is so you cant tell because of the black right there this polycarbonate case plus silicone band.
So when i first bought in a store and picked it up. I thought i was getting a steal for those the aluminum one but different variant from what you see on kickstarter to the side here. As you can see lunatik epik and the back it shows you a little bit about the case and strap.
Now this does look extremely bulky. But cool so lets go ahead and see what it looks like and to open up the box. All i have to do is just slide this top part and its very very tightly in place.
So im going to go ahead and pull a little hard. There you can see white box. Very similar to a beets type box thats what it reminds me of lets go ahead and open it up from the side lets like this and boom actually thats very nice presentation.
As you can see its kind of all nightly nicely packaged in there and you have a strap.

lunatik apple watch series 2-0
lunatik apple watch series 2-0

When i went to my local best buy they had the black and the white one but in the web site. I see they have different colors as well so and here. Were going to have some information so make it epic and sleep just comes off and here.
We have some packaging and actually tools from the looks of it so here we have a little booklet pretty inspiring stuff sighs a little bits case very cool packaging. Very impressed so far it is the first time i own one of these products from this company. So pretty impressed with that packaging.
So here make it epic and from the looks of it inside. Were going to have our instructions and a tool kit to put the case together go ahead and remove the case as you can see this is going to give you full protection including digital crown and the button. And definitely polycarbonate.
The ban is extremely thick as well i mean let me see that give my watch here and cameraman. They let install it as well. But you can see some of the thickness and let me go ahead and just get out of here and remove my apple watch.
And so you get an idea just a strap. Alone is significantly wider than the apple version and the case next to the apple watch. Its extremely bulky.
But then again youre buying this for that protection right. So let me go ahead guys. And with the magic of editing assemble this and show you what it looks like once its on the apple watch okay guys so i went ahead and spit this up because the case does come assembled and i think the bottom screw was overly tight and so on assembling the case took me around 10 minutes.
And as you can see here this requires two tools you know one tool on the left to hold the screw and one tool on the right to unscrew. It and it is not an easy process under the minute. I saw myself struggling after two three minutes.
I knew that i wasnt going to like this case. Because the fact that once you put it on it was meant to stay on and you can see here on frame. My wife actually had to help me try to hold the case still as i unscrewed it and it was just hell undoing.
The case and this is not installing it so i knew it was trouble the minute this took ten minutes. Okay guys so here i have myself installing the case. And it is just as difficult as undoing it i think the whole point of the apple watch.
And what really what ive really enjoyed so far is do you bility to change out bands so quickly.

lunatik apple watch series 2-1
lunatik apple watch series 2-1

I mean i can tell you a little bit about my. Routine i work out every morning around 5 00 am and i worked out with my sports band you know i get home. I make breakfast.
I shower after i shower. I went ahead and change bands it sounds a little excessive. But change man is depending on what im wearing to work so that process takes me maybe 10 seconds and max writes two buttons and im able to remove a band insert a band and im done as you can see here this took me again another five minutes.
Because these screws are so small and the fact that it requires two tools it really makes it a very painful experience alright guys after installing the case. I went ahead and tried it on as you can see it looks fairly decent. It looks extremely bulky and you know as far as the way their advertising is freestream sports.
Now working out you want that rugged protection and i can tell you right now that it definitely feels like it will protect the case. One thing. I wanted to see and as you can see here off the bat.
I wanted to see how the digital crown worked. So the fact that this case offers full protection. So a digital crown as far as pressing it worked flawlessly.
But when it came out of scrolling as you can see it did not work and when i try to putting more pressure on it activated siri this really frustrated me the fact that it takes over five minutes to install this case. And when you have it on one of the main features that the apple watch does not work so not having the ability to use a digital crown. The way it was meant to be used as smooth as its supposed to be used completely made it a deal breaker.
Im not sure if its specific to my case. But i can tell you right now. This is frustrated me extremely to the fact that i spent almost twenty five minutes undoing.
The case and installing the case and then the digital crown did not work and as you can see guys i tried everything i tried putting pressure on it it just would not scroll dont mind my super secret password there but it would not scroll. I just do not understand why it didnt its like if it wasnt latching onto the actual crown itself. So after installing after going through those troubles and after experiencing this bum digital crown.
I could not recommend this case and im not gonna even wear it and go ahead and return it tomorrow and this was a total disaster. So guys dont like any videos on that note. But as always please like the video.
Please subscribe and ill see you on the next one .

lunatik apple watch series 2-2
lunatik apple watch series 2-2

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