How To: From Purple Hair to Brown | Avoid TURNING Your Hair GREEN

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Guys welcome back to my channel. Its me see if youre new here here and in todays video. I wanted to talk about how i went from lavender hair to this beautiful brown.
I want to call it like a medium nice cool tone brown hair color. It is not green. It is brown and it does not have a greenish tint.
I achieved that this color super easy. It wasnt hard at all it was literally a real quick process. I noticed that youtube didnt really have much videos on going.
Purple lavender hair to brown. So i thought that this video would be helpful. So.
If youre ready for this video. Give this video a thumbs up right now and lets do this so real quick. I want to let you guys know that everybodys hair is different okay.

what dye will cover purple-0
what dye will cover purple-0

I just need to throw it out there i am a cosmetologist. But once again everyones hair is different. So i cannot guarantee that this will work for you i dont know how porous your hair.
Is and what color purple. It is it can be from very very violent ultra purple to a very pale purple. So i really dont know what hair color your purple is so this might not work for you make sure before you do any of this you do consult a cosmetologist or if you want to do it.
At home. And you want to take the risk do a test strand before you do your whole head. So i warned you the first off.
I was using the manic panic. Semi permanent hair color cream and ultra violet. I was using this the whole entire time.
I feel like this was super easy to wash out like in a week. It would be super faded and my hair would look like cotton candy pukey. I dont know like it would just look like a mess.

what dye will cover purple-1
what dye will cover purple-1

But all in all i knew that it would fade dramatically at the end of the week. I was just done touching up my hair. All the time and i had to touch up my hair every week.
Once a week you know or it would just look like a hot mess like i couldnt go outside after i showered my hair and it faded. It would just look like i have crazy hair so i just didnt really feel comfortable with that i wanted to be able to wash my hair and not color. It you know so i was just over the purple.
I was like okay i had my fun. It is time to get this out so at the end of the week. When i had to wash my hair.
I actually went in with shampoo first which faded my hair a lot once again like i said after washing my hair my color would fade so quickly with this manic panic dye then i went in with dish soap. So i used the dish soap that im currently using its the dawn oxy clean dish soap and i feel like thats it an amazing job of getting rid of my hair color. So i wanted to also dye my extensions.
So these extensions were also lavender and they came out so beautiful once again. I did wash these extensions with my shampoo and then i did use some dawn dish soap. And it basically faded out the color to a really really really light lavender.

what dye will cover purple-2
what dye will cover purple-2

Which was amazing i wanted to not ruin my hair. But get rid of the purple color as much as i could so i didnt want to use bleach and i didnt want to use a color remover because i feel like that would make your hair feel so hard and so dry and so brittle. So after i took that long ass process trying to strip the color out of my hair once it got to the lightest lavender.
Like the lightest. I can get it i then went in with some redken shades eq now redken shades eq is sold at salon centrex cosmetologist can purchase red can shades eq. I dont know if consumers can i dont think they can but if you can you might have to consult your cosmetologist to get this color by reuse red can shades.
Eq and what that is is basically a semi permanent color. But its like a toning gloss blaze. Whatever you want to call it so i got this in the shade 4n and i also got this in 500.
How this works. These are the toners that i got and in order for these toners to work you need a processing solution processing. That solution is a must with the shades eq they go hand in hand.
And i also got this at salon centrex was basically equal parting. What i did was that mix 1 ounce of this and another ounce of this which makes 2 ounces. And then i mixed in 2 ounces.

what dye will cover purple-3
what dye will cover purple-3

Of this and i mix it all up slapped it on my hair. And i got this beautiful color at first i was so scared i thought it was green. But it is not green at all its so beautiful i love this hair.
So much i never thought i would ever have brown hair. Ive never had brown hair before this also does not ruin your hair. Its also like a glaze.
A gloss treatment. So i also feel like this color. Made my hairs look super shiny as well as my extensions.
So i am really really in love with this color. Hope this video made sense. I dont know if this would work for you and your hair.
Because i dont know how purple your hair is i dont see it i obviously i cant see it so hopefully you do a strand test or you ask a cosmetologist before you commit to any of this. But yeah. I just wanted to put a helpful video out there i hope you guys enjoyed this video.
And if you did dont forget to give it a big thumbs up as well as click that subscribe button down below and join the family. What are you waiting for and ill see you in my next video bye guys. .

what dye will cover purple-4
what dye will cover purple-4

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