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m not saying. Its right for you. But theres a chance it could could be the only way youll know is to stick around and see hey youtube welcome back to urban outdoors.
Im airben but you knew that didnt you hey guys if youre anything like me. When youre thinking about making a new purchase of an item you like to find out a little bit about it before you buy it one thing. I always do is read reviews especially on amazon or if its a particular manufacturers website.
But one thing that i also always do is go to youtube and i look for reviews on youtube about the exact product that im gonna purchase sometimes i have a hard time finding that item and thats the case with the item. I want to review today. I went online before i bought these golf clubs and i had a hard time finding a lot of videos about them theyre very few at all so i figured hey maybe i can help someone and do a video about it the golf clubs that im talking about are the top flight xl 2020 version so im going to go over now in detail the set of clubs what comes with them some specs on the clubs and everything that i think will help you make a decision on whether or not you want to purchase this product.
All right so let me say first and foremost before anything else and before you have any misconceptions. I am not a professional golfer. I am nowhere near a professional golfer.
I would rate myself on the level of golfing at beginner. I get out once a week and play sometimes nine holes sometimes 18 holes depending on the humidity. So i just say that up front to let you know the reason.
I purchased these clubs and if youre in the same boat maybe you can relate. But as a beginner not thinking. Im going to be playing often and not taking it really seriously.
I didnt want to put a lot of money into golf clubs in fact some of the people that i play golf with spent more money on just their driver than i spent on this whole golf set. And thats what the top flight xl 2020. Set is about its a its a complete set from bags to clubs for the beginner golfer.
So come on lets go over here to the bag all right so. This is the set. I have taken off the head covers it did come with a driver and a 3 wood cover.
Which so far have held up and been very nice so i went ahead and took those off so you can actually see the clubs better and this is the bag there are different color options. I went with the black and gray camo and uh you can see that it is a standing type of bag and uh lightweight. But it holds everything that i need it to hold so lets talk about the bag a little bit so when you buy the bag the strap.
That originally comes with it is one of those a double shoulder backstrap type of uh straps and i did not like that i prefer just a single strap. So i just went with this single strap that i got on amazon. This is not the original strap that came with it it does have a nice carry handle here with a heavy heavy nylon and a rubberized give you a good grip for carrying.
There is here a little area. Where you can put ts okay down. Here.
The front bag this is the ball bag what they call it the ball pocket. I keep my balls in there got me some callaway chrome salt miscellaneous balls in here and a little ball marker that didnt come with it of course the balls. Didnt come with it im just showing you the size of the pocket.
Plenty of room for lots of balls. And the other items. Its got a double zipper okay so you can do it that way and just zip down one side or you can zip down both sides to pull it flap up all the way open on the left side is another pocket and you can see its nice and wide and in it i have a number of things again these items did not come with the bag.
Im just showing you the size of the pocket and some ideas that you can get in there.

top flite golf club reviews-0
top flite golf club reviews-0

I have a little rain coat. I have a first aid kit. I have a little tool here.
I have a little tool here i used to keep this screwed into my putter and you can pick up golf balls. But it kept coming unscrewed from the putter. But i dont know for some reason im keeping it i keep this brush to clean my shoes uh you know because on the mornings.
Especially when its dewy you get all kind of grass and stuff up on the side of your shoes and this helps to clean your shoes i have in here iron covers which i thought would be a good idea. But what i have found is that uh. Theres more of a pain in the butt to keep up with rather than throw them away or get rid of them i just keep them in this pocket here in case.
I ever want to use them and then i just keep some extra tees and a couple of ball markers. There give all that so thats what i keep inside of the bag here in this one pocket and you can see its got plenty of room for all of these items and i could even put a few more items in there. If i needed to one zipper and youre done.
There is at the base another carry handle so if you want to use two hands to carry youve got that one and this one in addition to the strap over here. There is a d ring attached attachment on it right now. I have some hand sanitizer.
I have a little carabiner that i will sometimes put my uh everyday carry emergency kit on that since i do have a trach and itll have extra trach supplies. I attach my glove on there and then i also have attached to that but zipped into this pocket. One of these uh club head cleaners.
I just dont like to have it dangling around so i tuck it into the this bigger pocket here when im playing and zip it up. But this pocket here is oversized. Its very big and you can see what i have in there.
Im not going to take them out. But i keep my shoes in there my golf shoes and the extra socks and theres plenty of room for them. Theres also a little zipper bag right here and inside of it i will keep i keep some extra tissues.
I keep sunblock bug spray and ill put my keys right. There. When i play so there is also at the bottom you cant see.
But theres a place for your umbrella to go and then you do have a uh. I dont know what you call that its just uh. Its what holds your umbrella in so uh.
This is a 42 inch umbrella or no im sorry a 62 inch umbrella in case i get stuck in the rain on the court. So thats the bag and uh for a beginner plenty of room for everything that you need i know that was a pretty lengthy section of the video. But hey i want you to know about everything about this bag.
Because youre considering possibly buying it but now lets look at the clubs all right so lets talk about the clubs. What clubs are included in this set well here they are you have a driver you have a three wood. You have a five iron five hybrid and a four hybrid six seven eight nine pitching wedge and putter those are the clubs that come with the set of course.
Ive added a sand wedge and a lob wedge. But uh it comes with the only wedge that it really comes with is a pitching wedge or just a general wedge all right so now lets go over the clubs that come with the bag. I i showed you which clubs come with it but now im going to go over them with you and give you some specs on each one.
Were gonna start with the driver you can see right here the uh the club head is 460 cc um is the size of it the design is just plain black on the top heres your club head pattern.

top flite golf club reviews-1
top flite golf club reviews-1

The three wood as well as this driver have a graphite shaft. Its pretty cool that they put the digital camo pattern with their logo on the. Driver and the 3 wood loft on the driver is 105 degrees.
And it is 44 and a half inches long one thing. I want to let you know and ill show you compared to the three wood. Which is next is the handle grip youll notice this grip just looks solid black.
Youll see two little white strings. Here well when i first bought it it looked more like this. Where you have these little white elastic inlays.
But after just two rounds of golf. All of that white elastic came off and now its just black and you can see its already starting to happen on this three wood. I dont use the three wood as often so its not as completely gone as on the driver.
But just to let you know thats gonna happen so dont let that alarm you it doesnt affect of course. The uh the grip or or anything like that its just more of an aesthetics thing. I wanted to let you be aware of all right the three wood has a 15 degree loft.
And it is one inch shorter. 43. And a half inches.
Same graphite shaft. And like i said the set does include the covers for both of the wood. Three wood and the driver next lets move down to our hybrids.
And you can see here. Youve got your four hybrid. You see the design of it there same club face same color as your driver.
You do have the little arrow on the driver. The wood and the hybrids to kind of help you with alignment. I think thats pretty handy especially for me.
A beginner. So the hybrids and all of the irons that were going to be talking about have stainless steel shanks rather than graphite and again the same type of grips so youre gonna have that same issue with the grips the four hybrid is 21 degree loft okay so the loft on this one is 21 degrees. And it is 39 and a half inches long we go next to the 5 hybrid you can see there youve got your 5 hybrid.
The loft on the 5 hybrid is 24 degrees. And the length is a half inch shorter at 39 degrees. All right so now if we move into the irons.
Ill go through all the stats on those for those of you who are into loft and length. I just want to show you first of all again they are stainless steel irons nice attractive finish on there if youre if youre into what your clubs really look like these are nice attractive clubs clearly marked on the top. So obviously this is your six iron and uh again stainless steel same grips so same problem with the aesthetics.
The six iron has a 30 degree loft. And its 37 and one half inches long and i you know i guess. Its pretty common.
But whats going to happen with these club links as we go down from 6 7.

top flite golf club reviews-2
top flite golf club reviews-2

8. 9. Pitching wedge the links are going to go down in half inch increments instead of pulling every club out.
They all look the same as far as the finish and the club face and the shaft and the grips. They all look the same again all clearly marked on the top so rather than pulling out every club. Im just going to go through the stats with them so here.
We go the sixth iron. Again is 30 degree loft. The 7 iron.
Is 33 degree loft. The 8 iron. Is 37 degree loft.
The 9 iron. Is 41 degree loft. And the pitching wedge is 45 degree loft.
So the next club and the last club probably the most important club and the one i need to work on the most is the putter and you can see it has a nice little bit wider not just a round handle. But it does have a nice grip there and also stainless steel and you can see it does have the the guidelines. There for you which really do help out with lining up the shot for the putt and then youve got your top light.
There its got a little bit of an angle. I tell you what this has really helped my putting game. Even though.
I still need to work on that a lot again there are a lot of things you can add to this bag and uh. I do have a sand wedge that i have i also have a 64 degree lob wedge. You know you can add to this bag.
Theres plenty of room for you to add an extra two or three clubs there you have it guys the top flight xl 2020. Beginners golf club set i hope that i have given you enough information for you to make a decision on yes. This is right for me or no im going to pass whichever you decide its your choice.
Ive had them for over maybe two months now ill have to check back. But i play golf once a week. I try to go to the range once a week and play golf once a week.
So anyway guys. Thats it the top flight 2020. Xl uh golf set for beginners.
I hope this video helped you if you havent subscribed to my channel. Please consider doing so make sure you subscribe and then click that bell button. Youll find that i do videos on the things.
I love. Which is mainly things outdoors like golfing fishing kayaking shooting. If youre into that kind of stuff.
Too maybe youll consider subscribing. Id love to have you on board with urban outdoors. And as always until next time keep calm carry on and keep it outdoors music you .

top flite golf club reviews-3
top flite golf club reviews-3

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