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And welcome to this video showcasing some of the best cases around for the iphone iphone 7 plus. We love to hear your feedback so if you think weve anything out or if you loved one of the cases. Weve featured then please let us know in the comments below first up.
Well be taking a look at the mojo leather wallet case in tan. This incredibly premium case scream sophistication and really does match the exquisite styling of the iphone 7 plus perfectly made from full grain vegetable tanned leather the mudo wallet case both looks and feels fantastic while providing your open with a decent level of day to day protection against general bumps and scrapes. The craftsmanship is also superb and this is reflected in the cases enhanced durability.
The built in card slot is a nice convenient addition. Thats ideal for carrying your id or credit card. The only downside is that you can only really fit one or two cards in so you wont be giving up your wallet anytime soon but for those contactless payments or scam train tickets it could be a real winner overall the high grade finish and attention to detail really do make this one of the best cases around for apples latest device now we move on to the elixir flexi shield in jet black this option is likely to be a real winner amongst owners of the new jet black iphone.
7 plus. As they can protect the easily scratched surface of their phone whilst. They maintain the glossy black finish.
The flexi shield. Offers a brilliant way of keeping your phone. Feeling and looking like an iphone thanks to its slimline design.
Obviously the slenderness does come at a price as protection wise. You wont be safeguarding against much more than the odd bump or scrape. However for those not worry too much about safety.
But more about looks then the flexi shield from elixir could definitely be the way to go next up. Well be taking a look at the ua g. Pathfinder case.
This rugged and tactile option. Features a tough military look. Thats ideal for the new black iphones.
This case not only looks the part it also acts it too as it comes fully military drop tested to ensure that your iphone stays in pristine condition once equipped the pathfinder provides your iphone 7 plus with durable protection against drops bumps and can even help protect your iphone screen thanks to the raised lip the case comes with full access to all ports and features allowing you to use your phone as you would normally. But with the added peace of mind that this case provides overall the cover from uag is a great option for anyone who wants to protect their phone whilst preserving the iphone superb styling. But ultimately we move on to the elixir exterior case this premium case is easily one of the best options around for the iphone 7 plus.
It features a striking two tone design that looks effortlessly stylish on your iphone. The metallic buttons and carbon fiber style. Finished perfectly demonstrate the high end feel that alixe.
Our clearly aiming for protection. Wise. The case also excels too as it features a shock.
Absorbing internal core that dissipates force through the dual layered design. Overall. This case is probably my favorite as it provides a professional and stylish feel thats perfect for working at home.
The protection.

coach iphone 7 plus wallet-0
coach iphone 7 plus wallet-0

It provides is also up to par for general day to day use. Which is exactly what i look for in a case in a strong lineup. This one still really does shine for me we finish up with the ever popular rugged option.
That is the otterbox defender. The defender series continues to deliver exceptional protection against a wide range of dangers. Including drops scratches and dust obviously the phones new dust proofing doesnt negate the need for this somewhat.
But its still nice to have that added protection there just in case. The defender series still features a triple layered design that can be assembled quickly to provide your iphone 7 plus with extreme and drawable protection this does come at a cost as the sleek feel of the iphone is lost somewhat. But overall for me this is a very small price to pay for the amount of protection that youll be receiving with a built in screen protector.
The case delivers complete 360 degree protection keeping your iphone looking good at all times. The protector keeps. The phone displayed just as responsive and even allows the touch id feature to work flawlessly overall.
The otterbox defender remains a great option for anyone looking to safeguard their iphone 7 plus against serious damage that can be prevalent when working or living in extreme conditions. If you would like to purchase any of the cases featured within this video. Then please check the description or the card links within the video and head over to mobile.
Fun today and for more top cases and review videos please hit the subscribe button below Its an illamasqua nail polish. I dont know what color. It is but it was five dollars is such a cute color look at this im a little bit too old for sparkly sparkly things.
But i just love that color. And i think itll look good for the saul winter like dark colors. And i know these retail for like over 20.
I think after taxes canadian. So to get it for only 5 bucks is a deal next. I got the cd from value village as well its a couple of cds.
Chilly. I got this dream storm cd brand new sealed this is these were a dollar ninety nine minus 30. This one was is selling on amazon for 35.
So i listed that over there that and i got this french cd called papoom. Its a french cd and this was retailing brand new sealed on amazon for a hundred and thirty dollars canadian and to buy it for only a dollar ninety nine and minus 30. It was someone buys it for that price that would be such an amazing profit and even if i get lower like even if i list it lower for even a hundred dollars eighty dollars fifty dollars forty dollars regardless.
I only paid like two dollars for it so whatever profit i get would be great on this cd. I also got this cd. It was same price of dollar 99.
30. Percent. Its brand nubian in god.
We trust.

coach iphone 7 plus wallet-1
coach iphone 7 plus wallet-1

And this is retailing on amazon for 45. I paid less than 2 for it and i listed it on amazon so whatever profit. I get on this will be good the rest of these bags are from value village as well i got this orange log a bag brand new with tags.
Its a cable car satchel. Which is one of their more popular bags that they make and this was 34 99. 30.
I also bought this one this green one. But this one is filled in plastic. I got this polaroid camera from value village as well.
Its the cool cam. No close up one step. Edition.
And these arent selling as well as they used to before i know what i knew that i could get about twenty thirty dollars for it. But now its kind of peaking at fifteen to twenty. I remember selling one for like 40 at one time a year ago a year and a half ago so these arent as popular as they used to be but it really depends i mean theres a lot of factors contributing to whether these are gonna sell well or not but regardless.
I think its cool and i think its vintage and its very nostalgic well i paid 6 30 next i got this michael kors bag its a hobo style bag beautiful leather. Very well made this is not vintage. But its from his older collection.
I think maybe like eight years ago around there um. It was a little bit pricey at ninety dollars. But i did get thirty percent off that and its an excellent condition i kind of fixed out and buffed out the surface scratches.
It had with my leather my leather conditioner that i use on furniture it works really good on leather bags. Anyway. I guess ill show you what the inside looks like you telex his older bags.
Because the inside is lined with that with that kind of sick burlap kind of material and the date code is a zero seven zero eight so it means it was made in either august 2007 or july 2008. I came over what number goes where but i think i can get well over 100 for this its a really well made bag his older stuff is such good quality in my opinion. Its our perceives his newer stuff so yeah.
Its like a very stylish classic kind of bad just piece of hair. Okay. So i guess the final thing that i got well i got some stuff from dollar dollar dollar tree but i did a video on it so i mean i dont need to haul that because he saw the video.
But i got there if you want to see quickly. Its there there ive never heard of this coke coke life and its sweetened with like natural sweeteners. So thats kind of cool.
I mean less chemical is really good right so im excited to try that so the last thing. I got was this iphone 7 plus. And its in the hundred and twenty eight gigabyte so but the story about this is that i was going to cancel my contract with them.
But unless i could get a substantial discount on this so i said im nearing discount or me cancel.

coach iphone 7 plus wallet-2
coach iphone 7 plus wallet-2

So you know its just like we time its new like who are you you aint nobody. Im like oh you think mister for freaking 21. Years you need to do something for me so they passed me on to someone else.
I said no we cant do anything for you i was like give me someone else give me your manager pass me again they pass me on to the cancellation department and they were like okay. We cant do anything im like are you sure because i mean 21 years. Im loyalty to your company and youre telling me you cant do anything so.
If you put me on hold. And lo and behold. I got a substantial percentage off because this without any discount would have been seven seven twenty around after taxes everything so i paid substantially less from that for substantially less than that and today waived the connection fee of twenty dollars.
So yeah i miss really got washing walt okay. Anyway im glad i got it in goal well. I dont know im trying out gold cuz.
Thats really the only one they had theyre really theyre sold out this is the last one they had so i like snap. So yeah so im excited to have them i dont really dont to open it cuz. Its worth so much money like retail.
This is like twelve hundred dollars. So regardless. Its its a substantial savings of getting it right away.
Um. Yeah so im excited about that its an upgrade from my iphone 6 that ive had for about a year and a half i guess anyway guys i hope you enjoyed this haul my batterys gonna die. Thats why im kind of rushing on my social media links will be in the downbar and until my next video remember miss polly.
Loves you bye guys that was done with okay we can talk well well talk into my battery. My battery died. Its like flashing red.
So anyway um. I just want to get that in because you know i hate. When like videos cut off.
And you dont have an ending. Anyway. Lets get back lets go back to do you guys have the iphone 7 let me know you are you okay at first i was okay with just having the iphone 6 cuz.
I mean its it does a job its suffice enough for me. But because a lot of my stuff like i do im kind of wanting to make you know this whole social media. Thing my job.
I guess and because of that its you know i need to rely on something in good quality and kind of thats why i bought this for for the quality of it i mean like the camera. The camera. Whom i cant i just wanted something yeah seriously.
I might not even upload this video.

coach iphone 7 plus wallet-3
coach iphone 7 plus wallet-3

My hair. Has been bothering me this whole video like its not falling right. Its not falling right.
Its not falling right the lighting is all wrong okay. I was gonna show you the kylie jenner palette. The fake what i got from aliexpress but well save that for another video.
I dont know what else to know oh this troll was commenting on my videos on my chanel bag video. Shes like oh you just bought it to show it on camera and then you return it im like who are you like im not even gonna entertain your comment like go away like be gone you aint worth my time and he started coming up thing on my other videos like oh. Your stuff is fake.
And oh you only buy thrift things im like yeah. I buy thrifting. Whats your point.
Like a point. You know like you have nothing better to do then they troll on peoples pages like no like im gonna flick her away um. But yeah i guess its a sign hmm hot mess today.
But i mean i pilot the same to you guys. But to me i like i like to look a certain way on on camera. If im like messy and i can look a little less messy than what i usually look like youre not screw.
It im confident on them. Yeah. I am.
Im confident with the way i look i dont care take me as i am take my lose another song right now time my life. Yeah. Thats a clean up now because everything is all nothing you guys made me all messed a she mess sad messy messy mess she looks i see hows my other phone.
My thats why i do when im when im recording things yeah. But im doing recording things like im recording my mic. This is what i use and it kind of it goes into like right here.
There you know what is this what is that mmm hmm. Pick a nap. Okay my red.
My red light has been flashing for like frickin a minute. Im still on dead. So i guess know why that i guess.
Thats it no i dont have anything else to say see my hair is bothering me. And we guys okay. I will leave it at that.
And see this lighting is way much better over here look at that i like that later you go stop pop pop top top top. Most old i need a nose job. I need i know whos joe why do you wanna.
See you wanna talk about it takes up like the whole things not gonna go down by .

coach iphone 7 plus wallet-4
coach iphone 7 plus wallet-4

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