New Baby Things Haul + Preemie Clothes

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You guys sorry if the elating looks a little bit different in here. Imm doing something i dont normally do and i am filming at night. Som on full studio lights right now because it is pitch black outside.
Dont worry. Im not showing a makeup. Swatches or anything so no colors will really be that boss like i said.
I dont know my film at night. But today was crazy. It is monday and im hoping to get this up for you tonight or early tomorrow morning.
Im really trying to stick to my filming schedule and give things up monday wednesday and friday for you guys and today was insane. And i had two videos planned to film today. One is a pre film for after the baby is born and then this one.
And i filmic refill on first and then ran out of time during the day. I was like okay finally gets the kids in bed. I can take five minutes.
It done and get this video phone three days so what i wanted to do is kind of do a mini baby stuff haul. Because we pretty much have everything we need for this baby you know were not having a baby shower. Were not getting like a ton of baby stuff from other people and i have actually saved a lover baby stuff from our other kids because its in very good condition so we really only needed a few things first thing.
We needed was in a car seat and stroller. And we ended up going and getting the chico bravo trio in um polaris. But thats it its a peacock blue and gray with white trim.
And its really really cute and we got it on amazon and we got the car seat and the stroller. I like that the stroller folds are really really small. So its gonna fit.
And what little space. We have left in our van and we got the whole set for like 372 and thats including packs with the farm shipping and im really really pleased with it obviously we havent had a chance to try it out with a new baby yet. But i really like it i like it its like the fabrics.

where to buy preemie clothes-0
where to buy preemie clothes-0

Very high quality friends. Very high quality all of these strollers stroller sets. Weve had in the past were from greco and while i love greco their quality and the strollers have slowly been declining over the years so we decided to try the chico one and im hoping that we love it as much as we do now once we actually get to use it.
But its really really cute. We thought we had everything we needed. However due to the placenta previa and this baby coming.
Very very early and much sooner than we originally planned we needed to go out and get some things for preemies because we have plenty of newborn clothes. We have plan newborn supplies and things like that but there were a few things that we knew they would need for a preemie and honestly we have no idea of what size this babys going to come out right now when i was measured at 33 weeks. The big news for comes eight ounces and i tend to have small babies.
So i dont know this baby could come out right around five five and a half pounds and be wearing pretty clothes baby could grow faster and be able to go straight into newborn clothes. I dont know the brand new things that we did get we arent taking as a package until after the baby is here just in case. We dont need them that way we can go ahead and return them to the store and get more new or in clothes or whatever else we need.
But ive kind of wanted to show you guys what i got because i got a few things that we needed new and or boy versions of and then i got some pretty clothes and they were so hard to find it is nearly impossible to find more than one or two options for premium outfits at each store. So i kind of want to show you what we got unless you know where we got it in case. Youre looking for that as well so im going to start with the non premium horse stand at first first step is a boppy slipcover.
I have the original bakke pillow and i love it ive used the same room for all my babies. Its still an excellent condition but i wanted to get a new cover that was boy oriented. But still soft.
I didnt want anything too gaudy and this ones really cute. Its just one of the classic ones. So its not fuzzy and overheat.
The baby since you know its not mature yet and its striped on one side and polka dotted on the other and i think. Its really cute. We also got two new pacifiers because i like buying new pacifiers for each baby because they tend to you know they get achy and yes they can be boiled.
But even silicone the coloring tends to change after one thats just kind of gross plus. We were looking for ones. Thats a very very small bulb on it that way in case.

where to buy preemie clothes-1
where to buy preemie clothes-1

This baby is a premium aller mouth smaller pacifier so we finally found these ones at babies r us. Weve looked at a ton of different brands. These are the chico natural fits these are for 0 plus.
Months and they have these cute little elephants on them i just think theyre so so cute and then if you flip them around you can see that the bulb on these super super tiny. Which is going to be perfect. So the next thing.
Im going to show you use polygons have a bit of controversy because its bottles dont even get me started on the breastfeeding verses formula versus bottles versus not that whole thing dont even get me started i have tried to breastfeed in my previous 3 kids made it a few weeks with each of them and wasnt able to continue because of various reasons reflux pain thrush believing all kinds of icky. Nasty icky things not enough supply things like that so again this time i am going to try breastfeeding. However.
Because this babys preemie. The chance of that successfully happening does go down a little bit just because of the baby sucking reflex says may not be fully developed. When babys born so of course we plan ahead we get bottles.
I was so excited to see that they came out with these because the film edited movement through a variety of bottles. And then finally with our last daughter we found the playtex. Draw pens and decided to get those fell in love with them best things ever so easy to clean so sanitary love them the only thing i did not like about them was that the bottle was completely straight.
It wasnt able to be angled like the playtex pen tears for example. And i really liked the angular shape of the bottle just because it depends on how youre feeling the baby whatevers more comfortable mayu. I got these on clearance because i found them on the clearance shelf at target.
So i was super excited but i knew you can still get refills and things i think its just target who is mixing this particular size. But when i saw theyre making the plate extra pins with a angle hole and global. Im not sure if im gullible as a proper word.
But you know what today it is with a bottle that can either be straight or angled and you just move it so happy so so so so tacky so i went ahead and got the forearms ones. Because these will last this for quite a while i only got three bottles. But we did get an extra set of nipples since the bottles.
Dont need to be sterilized every single time you use them because youre using sterile droppings. But um the nipples in the range do so i did get an extra set of these slow flow nipples to go with ease. But i was so excited you see these because these are amazing amazing bottles and then i also grabbed two packs of the refills because they were also on clearance.

where to buy preemie clothes-2
where to buy preemie clothes-2

You know if its your first baby usually i have a lot more time to do things like constantly be sterilizing and cleaning bottles when its your fourth. You really do not have the time to do that okay hey one more thing that im under these are for babies up to six pounds. It was a package of preemie diapers.
I know most even most premium unless theyre really really tiny preemies dont stand these for very long. But i still wanted to have them just in case they fit up to six pounds they are more expensive than the newborn diapers. But if they fit better and the baby a bit more comfortable thats excellent for me these are hard to find now you can get the note walmart you can get the new target.
However they keep a very small stock of them usually i only sold one maybe two packages on the shelf at a time so if you do need them i would suggest grabbing them. And if were lucky and the baby comes out bigger and we dont need them who can return them and then that is great but just in case. Weve got them and for the clothes um first up.
I have a quick story. It is very hard for us to find baby boy clothes with me like because we dont like this super super bright blue and orange and primary and daddys a little monster. Whatever things say on them.
Because everything has a saying on it it drives us nuts. I dont mind a tiny baby appropriate sayings. But when its like daddys little rock star all over everything im kind of like im not a huge fan of that and neither is my husband before we know that this baby whos going to be a preemie.
We were at target and he saw days this is their carters precious firsts line and these are 3 month onesies and theyre so cute theyre the soft mint green and they have a plain one full month green and bottom stars home with stripes guns with little tiny f alone son and yes maam it has been called almost all elephants hefele. Im just now its what happens when you have kids and it sounds cuter so i am. But we got these in size three months because we figured baby can grow into them etc.
And they didnt have any new at the time they only had creamy and then three months. The new balance. We grabbed these then we found that we were having the bringing we ended up back at target that same week and got the teensy tiny preemie sizes.
Because um a usually we will buy multiple sizes of something if we find pattering of new love and be at auntie 10c baby in ten to twenty half of lumps is just too cute this is our first pack of creamy clothes. They did have another pattern that were creamy at target as well but seriously the whole store two different types of pretty clothes and thats it so these are available target and available right now. We also went to walmart and movement to burlington coat factory inside of burlington coat factory is baby depot.
And they have a bunch of the brand name baby stuff or less expensive usually stuff. Thats been discontinued or is last season. Or that stores had overstock of if you have one burlington coat factory in your area.

where to buy preemie clothes-3
where to buy preemie clothes-3

Theyre really good for finding stuff like kids clothes. So first up at walmart. We found this set pretty close again.
They only had probably two types again two different styles of preemie clothes. And thats it and we got these swansea has a little monkey on it it says mr. Cute again a little baby appropriate then it has this onesie with monkeys and then this onesie.
Which is a camo front onesie. I think ive mentioned this before my husband was in the navy and we both kind of like camo so its kind of cute plus. A teensy tinsy baby in camo adorable.
So we got those and then at burlington. I think they had like three different preemie outfits. But some of them were girls.
So this was little boy will be late again monkey is adorable. So we got this little monkey onesie this whole monkey onesie and this little blue man striped. One again softer muted colors is what we kind of tend to prefer.
But its really really hard to find so were really lucky that we found lowes that gives us ten preemie onesies that gives enough for about two to three days of wear. So i dont have to be doing the laundry. Every single day and again if the baby does come out bigger and doesnt need the preemie clothes.
Were going to return them and go ahead and get larger sizes. Which would be awesome and then you keeping my fingers crossed for but i dont think its going to happen i think this logo is gonna come up pretty tiny. So we do have some adorable outfits for him and some supplies and if you guys are expecting a preemie baby or looking for preemie size outfits.
I hope that this video is helpful for you if you have any questions comments or just want to say hi as love to hear from you down in the comments. Below. If you like this video please give it a thumbs up and if you havent yet.
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Pinterest and facebook. And pretty much everywhere and all the links for those are down below. Thank you guys so so much for watching bye.

where to buy preemie clothes-4
where to buy preemie clothes-4

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