Mier Insulated Cooler Backpack (REVIEW) | Affordable Cooler Bag with Great Quality!

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The mirror insulated cooling backpack worth buying lets check it out music. Whatss up buds welcome to wanna buy it im your host riding and as we got another amazon product to review. And if you guys are not subscribed yet hit the subscribe button and as always well all the products on this channel.
The link is down in the description below so just hit it down there and you guys can check it out and see the current price to see other peoples reviews. So lets talk about this product. All right buzz today we got the man insulated cooler backpack now with this backpack you can use it for many many different things you use it for hiking youve used for travel you can use it for the school or work i use this backpack for work.
Its a really good bag. I like it a lot so lets just go through everything that it has and then just check it out alright guys so with this bag. Its a pretty good sized bag its really sturdy its strong.
I had a different bag. I had like a florida gator lunch bag and the strap just ripped on me after a little while. But this ones really strong it doesnt feel like itll rip.
You have a lot of different compartments. Which i like for my work to keep stuff separate down. Here you have your lunch.
And you know your lunch stuff in your cooler area. The insulated area and its pretty big then you know how theres a single size lunch pail things like this its a little bit bigger than that im gonna show you guys im like stuff in here and show you guys how i normally do it so with the insulated cooler.

lunch box backpack for adults-0
lunch box backpack for adults-0

I know when you see pictures or you see the little you two are the little video they have on amazon. It shows like you can put all this stuff in there and when you get your bag you like i cant fit nothing here its too small so im gonna show you guys what i know really put in here so you guys can get an idea for your own stuff. So i never have to ice packs that i put at the bottom.
And these last pretty good in here at my work i work in a really hot truck and its super hot. And my drinks are still pretty cool at the end of the day around three oclock. I normally had one or two water bottles in here.
And i normally have a gatorade in there so so far. We are about halfway fill it up halfway filled up right there as you guys can see. And it depends how you guys can fit you guys can go sideways and fit more drinks in there if you want.
But this is my setup. So you guys got halfway right there i brought some tougher ways to show you guys as well. If you have your drinks in there you know we got one long sized.
One matter of fact lets go to smalls we got two smalls out there cuz. I know a lot of people like to mil prep and stuff. So you have your two small containers and one long.
One. And youre still pretty good to close it it seems like right here.

lunch box backpack for adults-1
lunch box backpack for adults-1

And youre good to go. And it still fits that in there pretty good with those in there so even if we went all tupperware. If we just put the big one in there and then the two smalls and then i have a chunkier one right here.
If we have a at each other you see that you have a good amount of space you pie still add another one right here on top and just close it up and you can see right there. Theres still a good amount of space right there in the shot so you guys can add something else in there yeah you guys go it looks good. It was still close.
Lets do it pretty easily so on this front compartment is no bigger than half my hand. But it gets the job done. I normally put my power brick in here in order to my power brick in there i put my wire for the power brick normally a pack of gum and my air pods.
Thats normally my setup for that front area and uh. Its pretty like its not too deep in there you can see its pretty small there you guys go. But thats just my friend my easy access stuff to get to really quick over there and other than that of course you have your side you have one open one.
And then you have one closed one and this is normally where i put my work keys and my work stuff and then over here. I also fit you know more work stuff like a badge and all that so i can just easily pull it out wherever you guys want to use it for. But yeah you have a zip.
One you have a zipper one and then you have the open one alright buds and then we have the last compartment. We have the top one its pretty good in size as well by the same size as the insulated area down below.

lunch box backpack for adults-2
lunch box backpack for adults-2

You can also fit whatever you want in here and the top you can put your food up here. If you want depending what youre using it for for hiking and stuff. I can pick theirs.
I have a chunkier top of tupperware in here and then i have the two small ones. We use and you guys can see that it still has a good amount of space in there so well just add it like the stuff. I normally use for work which i use a hat.
Which is a really good hat. I should review this i love this hat. Then we have little scarf thing for when its cold.
I have my glasses and and we have some floss. I have my book that i need for work lets see here what else we got you got this little hand sanitizer. I keep in there and then extra deodorant and suntan lotion.
No sunscreen. My bad and some sunscreen so with all that we still have space in there so with all that you still have room because i chopped of the bag it pops up so you also get you can get more stuff in there it comes with this little pocket you can fit stuff. Where i put.
My allergy pills at and thats about it this bag is full. And its ready to go back.

lunch box backpack for adults-3
lunch box backpack for adults-3

Its nice it has little pads on the back right there for your like getting into your shoulder blades area and the bottom lower back. It has some good padding. So the back also has the hiker straps.
The one around your stomach and of course. The one on top. If you guys need that boom.
You got that this perfect feels good adjustable marriage is just very easy to no complicated stuff alright bud so thats the man insulated cooler bag. I think its a great bag for the price range around 35 and a little bit more on the different ones. I put all the different type of bags there is for this brand and the description below so you guys can check out whats the perfect one for you.
But you guys give this one a shot or the other ones. If you need a bag for work or something. That has a whole bunch of compartments and a good insulated area for your drinks and your food.
You should check this one out alright buzz. So thats it thats the bag right there for you guys please leave in the comments below if you get this bag tell me how you like it or dislike it. But i doubt youre going dislike it but as always guys like comment and subscribe to all my subscribers.
Now i really do appreciate it you are helping my channel grow and thats it buzz. Thank you for watching and until next time. If i use a product and i think its good.
Im definitely gonna tell you guys about it so you wont miss out i see you guys on the next product peace music. .

lunch box backpack for adults-4
lunch box backpack for adults-4

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