McDonalds Cookies Vs Subway Cookies

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Of you are quick youre so quick that you follow me on instagram and and facebook. You already know that i have a brand new gaming channel. Called game ame drops coming back.
With the big gun. Keep busting your guns a lot of love from my instagram. My facebook fan already under three videos.
I have up ive been uploading every single day. Im trying not to miss a day. You guys are loving.
The horror games more horror games to come yo music. You to face with twitter. She made me a james runs back yells another food all that matters right now is mcdonalds cookies versus subways cookies now i did a video last week about wendys chocolate chip insane to the brain i took a hit cookie you know wendy served up some bad manage ammas.
When it came to the cookie game.

how much are mcdonalds cookies-0
how much are mcdonalds cookies-0

I put up a poll on twitter. And i asked you guys who do you want to see and top vote came out mcdonalds versus subway cookies in the comment section below right now regardless who wins this battle who do you want to see next this week. Might be a full week of the battle of the chocolate chip cookies sugar cookies double jump in chocolate chip cookie who do you thinks gonna win in the comment section below right now put up the winner and also comment who you want to see battle next in the fast food cookie battle.
I thumbs up thumbs up if you been waiting for this one baby now some of you are true to the cookie game. And some of you are not true to the cookie game. Im holding up one of each.
Which is which which one is mcdonalds and which one is subway take a look take a look take a look alright if you said this ones subway. Youre absolutely correct. You said.
This is mickey d.s youre absolutely correct right off. The top subway.
Comes through with a much larger cookie game in comparison to mickey ds subway.

how much are mcdonalds cookies-1
how much are mcdonalds cookies-1

It looks like they have more chocolate chips. They care. More about your feelings.
Then mickey d.s flip up to the other side. All you see is chocolate loving and over here.
It looks like mcdonalds on a diet when it comes to the chocolate chips mcdonoughs why you being stingy with your chocolate chip game no no were no real life real talk im talking to you direct talking to you direct like a paycheck why you being tight with the chocolate chips. Why are you acting like you cant afford more chocolate chips yogurt. They dont matter.
Lets go in for the taste mm hmm thats off bets cookie game man not bad at all chocolate chip kind of melts rather nice deep rooted chocolate chip flavor soft cookie not even crunchy on the exterior ends solve all the way through and through mmm. Nice little bite mm hmm subway. What is your cookie game do oh mmm more chocolate mmm little crisp on the ends pure soft satisfaction in the center.
Whoa whoa.

how much are mcdonalds cookies-2
how much are mcdonalds cookies-2

No more cookie to savor cookie got the lumps and the mumps on it ima tell you right now if we were shrunken individuals on a small a tv and you got on top of a subway cookie ba. Boom. Boom boom boom.
Oh you be dipping on them dipping on them with the subway cookie game oh ladies and gentlemen for the fast food cookie battle macdonald chocolate chip cookie versus subways chocolate chip cookie mcdonalds came through with a softy rock soft baked goodness chocolate delight. Excitebike version from nintendo excitebike version that was a type of chocolate not the hershey love chocolate the type of chocolate that had a little stiffness to it not the gooey ooey ooey ooey chocolate. But it had a little bit of stiffness to it something you could respect at the end of the day.
Not a lot of bumps lumps and curves on this one so youre not getting crazy cookie terrain for your atv experience. But youre getting respect its a smaller cookie so maybe about three or four bites. Its done its a rapper roni.
Im giving you a heavy four piece mickey ds on a heavy. Four piece subway. Came through a larger cooking.
More chocolate chips.

how much are mcdonalds cookies-3
how much are mcdonalds cookies-3

Then your mouth could possibly handle more curves bumps and lumps you get up on there a tv of life. Its an exciting ride the subway cookie takes you there bring you back it takes you there. Again.
Four and a half subway cookie for for the mickey ds four and a half for the subway cookie you dont like that you dont like that ha yo. That was a crazy battle both cookies are good at the end of the day. Im leaning towards subway.
So being effective subway. One do you want subway to go up against wendys or arbys or burger king or do you want to see two other cookies in a fast food game battle. Its up to you foodie fam right now in the comment section.
Below put up who you want to battle next. Just know subway right now has the crown. It has the fast food cookie crown.
So its up to you is somebody going to dethrone the subway chocolate chip cookie cuz in todays battle it wasnt mickey ds all right got a good body here baby hope you enjoy the video you know we get down. Dont you every monday wednesday friday. Or monday wednesday friday.
Oh monday was they brought it oh more and more and more so beaudrys getting a baby. I know you kid hey listen man .

how much are mcdonalds cookies-4
how much are mcdonalds cookies-4

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