MAC Full Coverage Foundation Review

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Guys so if you couldnt tell by the title today. Im doing a a review on the mac full coverage foundation. Its an oldie.
But goodie favorite mine. As you can see mine is well used if youve ever used this product. Before you know.
It is quite thick and using the amount that i have it takes quite a long time to get through that so yeah. I would just like to do a review on this and if you would like to see the review then just keep on watching so as always when i review a product. Id like to start off by reading what the company claims that this product does and for the macro coverage foundation.
That claims that this is a smooth blendable formula. That was developed for the professional makeup artist to water than amoliant based foundation with full coverage. I will agree with that it is very emollient and yes.
It is very full coverage. It is water resistant and long wearing it can cover most scars. Blemishes and birthmarks.
I would also agree with that as well. Although if you are oily long wearing and not so much you will have to touch up a lot and it can tend to break up in your t zone. If youre like its super oily like i am and who it says the cream cake can achieve sheer coverage by applying a small amount using a moist sponge or full coverage by stippling it on with a dry sponge yes.
That is true. I did not apply enough to achieve like a very full of painful coverage today. So yeah.
I can be cheered down. And you can achieve a sheer coverage with this product as well. It says.
Its compatible with latex and other special effects synthetics. Its great for bee photography. And i would also agree with that too for especially for photography.

mac full coverage foundation reviews-0
mac full coverage foundation reviews-0

This covers pretty much everything and it photographs beautifully it has no spf in it so you wont get any flash back. And yeah. It just looks great on camera.
One thing. I will say though is that if you are going to use it around your under eye area or anywhere with like fine lines and wrinkles be aware that it can tend to sink into those lines and wrinkles and make them a little bit more pronounced vicky claims. A benefit at this foundation from the mac website.
It says long wearing its 12 hours. Id say probably if you have like a dry normal or even maybe a combo skin not so much oily skin crease proof. Um depends on where you put it if theres like little fine lines and stuff.
I will i would say i probably would sink into those unless you like really set it really good or like baked under your eyes. Um water resistant. I would say yeah ive been caught out in the ring with it before and it didnt have like little spots all over my face where the raindrops hit.
But um. I wouldnt recommend going like swimming with it or anything like that those ophthalmologist tested dermatologist tested non genic and its for all skin types. I have i dont know ophthalmology.
But um yeah. It doesnt really break me out. And it hasnt broken out anyone else that i used it on so yeah.
I will say that its not acting a genic. The product itself is about here it. Says 32 and you get to 28 grams or one us.
Which is a very generous amount of product considering the thickness of it yeah the things i used to apply this foundation. Ive used the mac 130. I think its the 130 pretty sure its the 130.
Ive used my fingers just regular old fingers. I just like to use my ring finger and just pat it underneath my under eye area for you know covering redness. Some darkness or you know what have you its really good to cover up blemishes with like i have a little blemish right on my chin right here.

mac full coverage foundation reviews-1
mac full coverage foundation reviews-1

I dont know if you can see it or not its slightly visible because i didnt put on a lot of coverage. But even just like a little bit of coverage that i did buff on excuse. Me over the the little breakout.
Nasty that i have here they covered it up pretty well that wasnt really even trying to cover it that much i just wanted to not throw on a nice your layer just you know demo the foundation for you guys. But um yeah. It will cover blemishes for sure.
Its good if you just take like them. You know a little bit of it on your fingers. And then just be like bam right over it and itll just cover it right up if youre going to wear this foundation.
You absolutely do need to powder. It and does not transfer resistant either so if you rub on your face. You will rub the foundation right off of your face like if you rubbed it on your shirt.
It would come off on your shirt and yeah. If you dont powder. It its just gonna slide all over the place.
You really need to set it in place. The powders that i used with it are the studio fix powder from mac. The compact version yeah i know studio fix powder nw15.
This guy. I have used the makeup forevers super. Matte loose powder.
That one works really well and ive also used the make up for ever. Hd. Pressed powder and the loose one as well those all work fine.
I would say any powder would really work fine with this just make sure you powder. The foundation down really good and yeah so its not moving around or settling into lines or just getting like horribly oily on you the finish of this foundation. I would say is about a demi matte.

mac full coverage foundation reviews-2
mac full coverage foundation reviews-2

Maybe slightly on the satin side depending on you know if you powder. It or not. But its definitely add a matte finish.
Its not matte by any means and its not dewy. I mean you can make it dewy you know by prepping your skin the right way with you know different moisturizers and things or even. Like you know like a shimmery primer or something like that.
But um yeah. Its definitely like a demi matte finish foundation would be really good for a makeup artist to have in their kit. Because you can use this on pretty much any skin type or skin tone.
It comes in a really wide for range of colors and you could even use like say like my skin tone as a highlight since im so pale and a darker one to contour with and you know a medium tone. Whatever you know what have you um. Its very versatile youve pretty much just used it for anything you could even use it just as a spot concealer in conjunction with another foundation and it would work just fine doing that so yeah.
Its really good for makeup artist to have in their kit. And you really do get a generous amount of product too so yeah. Its very cost effective and yeah very versatile.
So yeah. I think its all about i thats all about all i have to say about this foundation. If you have any questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below.
And if you want to see me at how i apply this foundation. Then just stay tuned for that okay. So ive already got my face prime ready to go im going to go ahead.
And go. In with my mac full coverage foundation and for that for applying that im going to use the mac. One this is the 130.
I got i remember the numbers rubbed off. But its the small duo fiber kind of blending brush. You know around one and im just gonna go into my full coverage.

mac full coverage foundation reviews-3
mac full coverage foundation reviews-3

That just swirl it around in there and then i just apply it around on my face. I usually start at the center first this is where i have the most redness and i just kind of slap it on there. Then you really dont need a lot like by starting off from the center and blending outwards.
Youre gonna get enough coverage. Since this product is so thick. So i just put it on in these areas.
And then i just get my nose. And then i go ahead and blend. It all out.
So this is what the foundation looks like just on its own. I havent powdered or done anything to it yet. As you can see its kind of like a demi matte and satin finish thats well coverage.
I didnt put on like enough to make it full coverage. Thats what i like about this foundation is you can put it on as little or as much as you want and you can kind of adjust the coverage to what you need. But yeah im gonna finish the rest of my face and ill be right back and i will show you the finished look yeah.
Well see in a minute okay. So this is what it looks like when everythings done you know i just powdered you know added a little blush. Some contour you know the usual and yeah.
As you can see it even though its a full coverage foundation. I didnt really build it up and make it look too heavy. You dont need to be scared of the name full coverage.
You dont have to build it up to be you know this big cakey you know full coverage heavy looking mask. I mean unless you want to and yeah. So i hope you guys enjoyed the video and as always if you did enjoy the video then click the like button on down below and go ahead and subscribe to this channel.
If you want to see more and until next time. I will see you guys later bye. .

mac full coverage foundation reviews-4
mac full coverage foundation reviews-4

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