Lower East Side Travel Guide: Everything you need to know

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And gentlemen welcome back to new york city today. Were continuing the trend of of covering every neighborhood and giving you an everything you need to know guide about city. Were in manhattan right now in the lower east side also dub le s.
If you want we were going to be exploring this place. And giving you an everything you need to know sort of guide about the video. But i want to remind you guys subscribe internal those notifications before we begin this video because im covering every single neighborhood in manhattan.
So were gonna cover it right now lets begin so rolling the intro alright ladies. An gentlemen video is officially begun and i have brought in my resident new yorker friend john barr. You guys love them this is john daly.
I dont know here b bar. How you doing today john im doing great i am ready to walk around with you drop a little bit of insider information not a lot. But the little vix.
I look very close to here. Yeah. John lives near here and so for him.
This is gonna be a core sort of like walk around in his area. And were gonna be just exploring up and down the lower east side. And weve come first of all to what is dubbed the most famous in new york city is this katzs delicatessen right.
Yeah. Katzs cats is it is super famous to come and get food. Were actually gonna be overlaying some of johns footage.
Because hes been here before i havent and honestly i dont want to pay for it its so expensive. What kind of prices are you looking when you get in there john. I think.
Its something like twenty four dollars for a pastrami sandwich. Now you can share it with two people so its very expensive probably the most expensive sandwich in new york. But i think youve got to try it at least once even you got to see if it lives up to the hype thats my opinion.
Its definitely a good tourist attraction but were gonna avoid it for right now were gonna head off to our next location here in the lower east side lets go spawn number two we have come to rockwood music hall. This is a famous music venue here in the lower east side we got three stages right jones you got stage zero stage one stage two stage. One is your best value because its always free they have a bar and they have really good musicians a lot of times from other cities in the us.
I saw a really good country act here a couple months ago from nashville. He was awesome totally free just get a beer sit at the bar. Enjoy it with a bigger ax you got to go stage.
Two youre gonna pay for it line up. But theres just something for everybody here its a really great venue lower east side. This is a great place to come if youre here on vacation in new york.
I think just make sure that you check on their website for information whos performing and when things are going on before clearly were here during the day. So theres nothing really going on right now. But it is definitely a cool spot to check out and with that lets go check out another spot all right so directly behind us right now is the cobra art mural.

lower east side toy company-0
lower east side toy company-0

I dont know i i dont want to tell you guys i specifically know exactly whats going on here. But i know theres two of these very important murals here in the lower east side. And there are two of them are very close to each other so were gonna walk to the next one right after this but mural with a kid holding a gun that says stop guns.
And hes taking a selfie. So i dont know exactly whats in reference to i dont want to be ignorant and say things that im not sure about. But it is a cool beautiful piece of art here in the lower east side.
So the next mural. Were hitting up is another one by cobra same guy who designed the first one and this one has a bunch of famous artists on it theres amy winehouse and jimi hendrix and well seviche. We think it might be jim morrison.
We think its kurt cobain. Believe that half a face to work with maybe you guys can tell us in the comments. We dont kill us too much in the comments.
If we dont know exactly who they are but we definitely know that thats amy winehouse. Thats cool thats another great mural thats right here. And actually know this area fairly well because its right on the border of chinatown.
And ive been spending. Quite a bit of time here so the next location. Were heading to is a park thats right here on the border between the lower east side in chinatown.
All righty. We have made it this is the sarah d roosevelt park here in the lower east side. The reason.
Why i know this park and really the only reason why i want to mention. It is one its one of the largest parks in the lower east side from what ive understood. This is where the chinese lunar new year parades both start and end so it is something that you want to keep in mind that have a beautiful footage from the beginnings and endings of this parade.
Both the parade in the festivals opening days they take place right here in this park and this park stretches all the way down. I wouldnt say its like the most fun place to hang out its just a park. But for those festivals specifically.
Theres a really cool place to come to and that being said it is just a park so were gonna head off to the next location the two have come down to a synagogue so this place is kind of a cop out with the lower east side. Its really on the border of chinatown. Its really far into the lower east side.
But it is a synagogue so its turned into a museum now museum at eldridge eldridge yeah eldridge street. But it also is an operating. Synagogue so basically its sunday through friday at 3 00 pm.
Its operating as a normal museum and then friday afternoon until saturday night. It operates as a fully working synagogue for jewish people to come and pray. Which is really cool so i might actually come here one of these shabbat to try to try do a little prayer search for shabbat.
But that is cool. Its not its not all the time that you see a giant grandiose synagogue in the middle of new york city look it looks like something straight out of europe. You wanted to say something about the jewish history here.

lower east side toy company-1
lower east side toy company-1

The lower east side was one of the most historic jewish communities for a long time especially around the turn of the century theres a yona chimel x a knish bakery. Which is really famous ive been there before check it out for sure i believe there used to be still might be there a little matzo factory as well and the lower east side. Its got russ daughters.
If you want to get bagels with lox even cads is so much jewish tradition and culture still exists in the lower east side. Even if the more like observant orthodox jews. Dont live here anymore.
Theres really baked into one thing that i was reading is that at one point the lower east side harvard. The largest community of jewish people in new york. So with these police sirens coming up were gonna leave because its getting too loud lets go to our next location in the lower east side all right another quick.
One here. This is just for the tourists for people who have watched the show mr. Robot.
I personally havent seen it before. But this is apparently one of the set pieces from the tv series mr. Robot.
I dont know never watch the show before but it is it is a location. Its cool once again you gotta remind yourself always when youre walking around new york city. So many things to see that are a part of movies in film.
And in the industry in general. So there you go. Thats it for you and now we bounce off to i think the most exciting piece of the lower east side all right just a little bonus here on the lower east side this place is called doughnut plant.
But they are the originators of the creme brulee doughnut. So it is another really cool place to try the theyre rated. One of the best doughnuts in new york city for sure so your youre gonna want to check this place out if youre in the lower east side.
But they do have other locations. So if youre not here you cant check them out all right so behind john and i right now is the essex street market. Ive actually seen this building.
Many many times. Ive never entered it you as well all right never were gonna enter the essex street market basically what this is supposed to be its like a meat produce like fish vegetables. Whatever you need and like vegetable market.
Just all laid out there kind of like a style that you wouldnt really find at a supermarket. More of like an open air market. But indoors.
So lets check it out and see if it holds up the smell of cheese and meat. Its very strong right now. It just ate like an hour ago.
This is cool oh. This is really this is really close to just one of those like local markets anywhere youd find around the world really awesome to find this in the middle of new york and theres so many different types of foods here you got cheeses your meats your produce whatever you want and its just all kind of open air. I guess and you can come and pick from fresh fresh food.

lower east side toy company-2
lower east side toy company-2

All right so now what were doing is basically. John barr. Over here.
Its gonna be taking us on a quick quick brief because were both very tired. A little tour of some cool places to go out at night here in this part of the lower east side. So what are we what stop number one here stop number one is called mae.
Hinata. And its a bulgarian themed bar. So you go in there and they have really random like eastern european music playing.
But what i think is the coolest is to be go downstairs to the basement. I think you pay something like twenty or thirty dollars a person you put on these soviet era. Like costumes and youre go in an ice room and then you each get one little shot glass.
And you have something like two to three minutes take as many shots as you want i warn you that itll hit you pretty hard. But if youre with a party and you want to drink a lot. Its a very interesting deal and its also a really good photo op.
I getting for my birthday a long time ago. So like the younger viewers out there its something that could appeal to you if you just want to have a very memorable new york experience alright jonny boy you wanted to tell us something about the area lower east side these days is reputation for being a big nightlife area for people in their 20s. And i think.
Theres a lot of really cool spots to go out in but i think a lot of local residents are not happy about whats happened here. You know the area has lost a lot of its great its appeal. And i think that especially on weekends is absolutely crazy here and its very noisy and if you lived in a lower east side.
And you want some peace and quiet streets like this one right here you would go insane every weekend. So i know theres a lot of tension in this area. So i think its a fun place to go out.
But for me youll be very difficult to live here. Knowing. That thats one of the big focal points.
All right johnny tell us about pianos pianos is a cool spot. Its a super hipster joint here in the lower east side. As long lines on the weekends.
But its a good spot to see live music if youre into dancing. Its probably one of the closest things you can find to a club in the area lets go upstairs think. Its like ten dollar cover.
I personally prefer coming or during the week. Sitting downstairs having a drink pretty good scene weekends gets a little bit crazy so thats my take on it. But its kind of one of those places you have to come to at least once so now were going to head off to our last location in the lower east side.
Which is my favorite dollar pizza place almost probably at this point is problem my favorite pizza place in new york city for the record. I did not know they had dollar pizza. I like it a lot too.

lower east side toy company-3
lower east side toy company-3

But ive never had the dollar slice to her so were about to enlighten jons world were going to essex champions on essex street one dollar pizza. The best in the city in my opinion lets go get some delicious pizza and end this video. All right my boy best dollar slice in new york are you ready for this one.
I just want to say for the record. I didnt know they had dollar slices because they raise prices to two bucks after ten and im always here late at night. You dont a goodbye to the best pizza in new york city.
I will see him hmm tomato is actually very good whatever sauce. They use is nice as far as dollar peach is concerned this actually may be the best dollar slice. Ive ever had but im not saying.
Its my favorite slice in new york. I have a lot of other pizzas. I like better but for a dollar just give me the king.
I think were going to agree on that guys you guys know ive eaten this before on camera. Ive even this many times on camera hmm every time every time it just gets better and better for real. Im the biggest advocate for pizza.
It is so so good this is my favorite way to end a video here in the lower east side. With my favorite pizza in the lower east side right lower east side. That was freakin fun as hell.
So happy that you joined me. John ah. No problem any time let the people know what you do on your channel.
Where they can follow you yes. Oh. I do a lot of the similar.
Things. Thats all im at here b bar. I make a lot of new york city.
Travel guides show you cheap stuff show. You wacky restaurants and neighborhoods. Give.
Me a look. If you want to learn more about new york. I could not have done this one without john i appreciate him letting me borrow his footage and giving us.
That local insight. Because johns our local here. Wait one more time.
You gotta love with new york local its gotta love new york. But yeah you guys got to follow john thank you so much for joining me today not any time make sure that if you guys want to support this channel. You guys buy some merchandise itll be on screen in the description down below and just remember that i love you long time.
And theres more more of this stuff coming so. See you the next one good bye class. .

lower east side toy company-4
lower east side toy company-4

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