Lancome Dual Finish Versatile Powder Review

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Everybody. This is crispy or face to face one youtube and other social media places places welcome to my channel well you know what today is is monday and ifve been subscribed to me for a while then you know that one most mondays or tuesdays. I upload a product of the week video let me tell you what the product of the week video is it can be about anything it doesnt have to be related to natural hair or locs fashion makeup or anything.
Like that it can be anything it could be stuff for your home. It could be clothes shoes. It could be automotive.
It could be anything so today. It is a makeup product that im talking about because i am doing video number two of three in the series of lancome finest product of the week is lancomes dual finish versatile powders makeup. And before we go any further let me tell you what had happened at the end of may i went to my local macys to the lancome counter.
I was looking for that cushion foundation that it came out with a few months ago. But the young lady looked like she didnt think that would be good for me. I guess because of the hyperpigmentation on my face.
So she was doing to her assessment. She was asking me what type of foundation. I liked i was telling her i like the 10th eye doll.

lancome dual finish powder review-0
lancome dual finish powder review-0

She told me to stick with that and she also recommended this well finish powder that im getting ready to tell you about she went ahead and swatched it on me. And it was a perfect match. And lets get on with the review and then ill tell you what i think about it okay first of all this is the signature packaging for lancome.
It comes in a silver box with the lancome signature written in black here. And it has the gold flower. Over here you cant see it and it says lancome dual finish versatile powder makeup and on the back ill tell you what it claims it says a new definition and makeup versatility and clarity dual finish gives your skin.
Exactly the look the coverage youve decided on one from sheer to simply flawless sponges on dry over moisturizer for a soft matte effect puffs on dry as a matching powder over any lancome foundation and sponges on damp for a high coverage. Ultra matte finish. This is a pressed powder and it comes in a compact.
This is what it looks like black with gold and they have a gold bar here with lancome written on it that lancome. There is a push bar here to open up the product just push it in and open it up you have your mirror and the product here and when we first get it there is a plastic piece setting in here. And there are also a couple of sponges of thin sponge and a thick sponge.
The thick sponge is more dense. So i guess that affects the coverage or the finish of it and also this black disc. I dont know what this is for i think its for decoration because i dont know i dont know what theyre for.

lancome dual finish powder review-1
lancome dual finish powder review-1

But that sits on top of everything. So thats how it looks. When you receive the product.
Au powder sits in this pan. And its about two inches across two inches in diameter and there is 067. Ounces of product in here not a full ounce.
If you dont like products that have sense to them then you may not like this powder. It does have a scent it doesnt bother me i think it smells spicy fresh and clean. So i really like how its now for my favorite part.
I am going to apply some and demonstrate to you all how this powder goes on and what i normally do is i use a wedge sponge when im on my way to work it takes all the 30 seconds for me to apply this because im trying to get to work trying to get out the door and i dont have a lot of time to be applying makeup in the morning. I leave out in the house at like 5 30. So anyway.
What i do is i promise ace. Which ive already done using love base by lancome and by the way. Im going to link the video that i did yesterday down in the description box.

lancome dual finish powder review-2
lancome dual finish powder review-2

So you can see that if youre interested in all of the wonderful lancome products that ive been trying out and loving use my sponge and it is a dry sponge. I have tried to wet sponge and i did like that with this product. So i just take my wet sponge rub it around swirl it in the product and then i just had pet.
Pack damn no1 and damp around my jawline and around around the outside of my face. Because thats where i have the most discoloration and then i kind of rub it around the circle emotions. I have recently figured out that i have eczema so when i went on my trip last month.
I broke up right here along my neck. And i have been using my concealers and then ive been placing my powder over top of that so let me do that real quick because after i get done with this video. Im going to put some makeup on so let me put my concealer on and then put some more of this powder on and thats your right coverage after applying the powder with a dry sponge.
Ill zoom in so you can see and this is what i do most days and that is procedure and coverage. I think it looks really natural now can i tell you what i think about this powder. I absolutely love it i have not been wild by a product in a long time.
And i really really love this powder. I have been using it every day before work i have been getting compliments on my complexion. When i get to work and thats using hy wedge sponge.

lancome dual finish powder review-3
lancome dual finish powder review-3

So maybe ill try it wet with some fix or something just to see what kind of coverage. I get but for me the coverage that im getting with that dry sponge is its ample coverage and i really really like it its quick because i can do it in a few seconds and be out the door. Its perfect for the summer time because its not really heavy when i put it on that space.
Its light like i have nothing on i have used it over my tent. I doll once when i went out to a comedy club i put my ten. I doll on because i wanted heavier coverage and i just applied it as a setting powder and it just looked flawless its really beautiful.
I dont know how a petitioners well were closely with notice. My complexion one day and asked me what was i wearing. I told them they went out and got some and then they suggested it to other people.
And its just a an exceptional product. I really really love this product. I think i might get another one just to have it so i can get thats how much i really really love this powder.
So that is my review slash product of the week which is the lancome dual finish versatile powder makeup run out and get it i highly recommend it go get it and thank me later because youre going to love it too. But anyway. Thank you to my new subscribers and my old subscribers take care and i will see you all in the next video.

lancome dual finish powder review-4
lancome dual finish powder review-4

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