Incipio DUALPRO iPhone 6 case Review!

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s up everyone steven here. Hope you are all doing well out there. Imm here once again bringing you a review.
This time. Its for the incipio pro hardshell case with impact absorbing core for the iphone 6. This case is a great option for those out there who drop their phones often and need good impact protection and just want to keep it nice and simple when it comes to their accessories so when scipios iphone 6 offering looks to stand out from the rest of the competition by incorporating their own unique hybrid design.
Which gives you two layers of defense for drop protection. While remaining relatively. Thin.
Youve got the shock. Absorbing d last tpe inner sleeve that wont tear or scratch the outer shell layer is made of what incipio calls flex tone iam in other words its a polycarbonate material that will shield against scratches and provide an impact protection. The material of the case is soft touch.

incipio iphone 6 case review-0
incipio iphone 6 case review-0

Which provides a nice premium feeling soft grip. But comes with a drawback which ill explain later ok. So pulling the case out of the box and getting set up with easy.
I just placed the iphone into the inner sleeve. Then popped it into the outer shell without issue incipio nails adhere unlike other cases. Ive tried where you have to keep pressing the sleeve into the outer shell with this one that just pops in the first time and youre good to go with no frustrations by the way my review units here are the blue and grey color models.
But incipio offers a bunch of different colors and ill leave their official product page link. So you can see them all in the description down below. Once the foam is in there it feels really nice.
Its got a sealed fit that wraps around the phone. Without any loose parts incipio gets the pork cutouts right the headphone jack mic. Lightning.

incipio iphone 6 case review-1
incipio iphone 6 case review-1

Port and speaker girl are all on point and unobstructed. The first drawback of the case pops up here for the ring silent switch cutout. Its a little deep and narrow and hard to get into and that was using my index finger on a positive note.
Though the volume and sleek wake buttons are ex. So far. The best.
Ive ever experienced on an iphone 6 case. Great feedback on these buttons. They have a really nice feel and for lack of a better word torquay response camera cutout is just like youd want it to be a slim area that keeps the phones body protected while preventing any problems with flash for photos that may require it the front lip of the case has the lay on table design.
Included so your phones precious glass display is protected if it falls flat on its face. The layer has a good amount of thickness so no worries there as far the display glass shattering in most drops. I like when cases have this built into their design is i hate worrying about laying the phone face down and scratching or shattering.

incipio iphone 6 case review-2
incipio iphone 6 case review-2

It in the hand. The case feels awesome due to that soft touch material. Its a non glossy kind of rubbery feel and i love that it inspires confidence that it wont slip out of your hand or slide around on a slanted surface heres the trade off.
Though this soft touch material show stains from oils and grease from the slightest contact with them to minor gripe. But something to look out for i could live with it knowing the case looks cool and feels nice in the hand you just have to clean. It occasionally.
I didnt get to use the case extensively and didnt drop it but wanted to show how it handled small impacts on a surface just slightly bumping it around on my desk. It handled the shocks well and i could see this case. Protecting the phone in most drops with your phone being undamaged in any way as far as design.
I think the highlights are the non glossy finish and incipio badging. The badge has a nice minimal understated look with a rounded rectangle shape and a little bit of gloss. This is the kind of case that appeals to those no frills.

incipio iphone 6 case review-3
incipio iphone 6 case review-3

No nonsense type of case buyer who wanted to look decent. But come through for impact so yeah. If youre the type that doesnt need a bells and whistles kind of case wants it to protect the phone and feel good in the hand and look decent.
Then this is it again of all cases. Ive tried so far and has the best button response. So thats a nice perk.
Thats important to you another nice thing about it is its slim. So it fits in the pockets and third party belt clips. Without any issues at all incipio nails.
It for those who prefer a nice simple case to do its job without having to wow you with unnecessary gimmicks and design implementations. I think you paired this with a nice screen protector and clean it occasionally and itll serve the average iphone 6 user quite well thanks so much to everyone checking out this video. Im looking to grow my channel and if youre enjoying my content subscribe now is i will keep more videos coming your way liking.
The video helps out a ton as well and im here to respond to comments you leave down below once again thank you for watching and i will see you in the next one .

incipio iphone 6 case review-4
incipio iphone 6 case review-4

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