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Hey guys today were talking about how to get your dress pants to fit fit perfect every time. Whats up guys welcome back the gents lodge. Im if you have not hit the subscribe button.
Yet please do that right now it really really helps us out today. Were going to talk about how to get the proper fit for your dress pants every single time and when i say proper fit guys. It has nothing to do with how tight or how loose your dress pants are its gonna be more the proportions of it so if you want skin type pants or you want a more relaxed fit these are still gonna work for you so the most important thing when it comes to your dress pants is getting the proper fit in the waist.
If you go too tight. Its gonna make you look a little bigger than you are especially. If you have a little extra gut around the midsection.
If you wear pants that are too tight around the waist. Its just gonna suck you in and accentuate your love handles. If you are skinny or guy you can probably get away with it.

white dress pants mens slim fit-0
white dress pants mens slim fit-0

But youre gonna still going to get a lot of pulling in the crotch area. Which isnt gonna look great so you really want to make sure you have a proper fit in your dress pants. So something that you cant pull down around your waist.
But you can still get maybe. Two thumbs in the waistband alright guys and now that youve found a proper fit in the waist. The next thing you want to focus on is how the pants fit through the leg.
So you always want to have kind of an inverted triangle coming down to your ankle. No matter. If you want a skin type pant or a more relaxed fit you still want to taper the ankle towards your shoe.
A little bit you never want to have a pair of pants thats like skin tight in the thighs and then like straight leg through the calf down to your ankle. Its just gonna look unproportional. Its gonna be like an unintentional bell bottom.

white dress pants mens slim fit-1
white dress pants mens slim fit-1

And its not going to look great so. The key is to get something that fits snug in the thigh and then just tapers down from your knee to your ankle. You dont have to go skin tight you can if you want to but still even if you have a relaxed fit you do want to taper your pants down to the ankle.
So once youve found the proper fit through your leg. You really want to think about what type of break you want in your pants. So a break is pretty much how much of your pants touches your shoes.
Now if youre going with a no break or crop situation. You really want to have your pants as slim as possible and really get your pants as close to the ankle. As you can because its just going to make a more streamlined silhouette and the wider your pants.
The more its just gonna kind of flow in the wind and look like a pair of high waters and not look as intentional as you would like it to look now if youre going with a quarter or half break. Which is what i recommend for pretty much everybody unless youre trying to be very fashion forward you can go with your pants slightly wider and let them really fall over the shoe because if you go too tight its gonna bunch up in weird ways and not look correct. So you do want to leave a little more room.

white dress pants mens slim fit-2
white dress pants mens slim fit-2

When you go with a quarter and a half break not too much. But maybe just like a half inch more than you would with a no break or crop situation. So today as you can see i went with a no break kind of tapered look because i am wearing very very slim italian tassel loafers.
So theres not a lot of substance or weight to these shoes. They have very thin soles and theyre very thin and streamlined. So you really want your pants to match the type of shoes.
Youre wearing. So this is the perfect look for a slim italian loafer or a slim wingtip or even a sneaker. But if you had something like more of an allen edmonds type shoe.
You would want a little more width in your pants. And maybe a little more break as well just because the allen edmonds. She was made on a wider lass has a little more substance.

white dress pants mens slim fit-3
white dress pants mens slim fit-3

The sole is a little bit thicker because of the goodyear welt. So youre gonna want a little more weight in your pants and if you taper your pants. Too tight and you have a shoe that big its gonna make your foot look bigger and youre kind of gonna have to look like you have clown shoes on okay guys that pretty much wraps up the video one last thing before i go remember that you want to find a pair of pants that fits in the waist and through the thighs.
Like that is the most important part to find in a pair of dress pants and then you can take it to a tailor have everything else tapered and hem down to the perfect height for you. But make sure you have enough room in the thighs. And the waist fits properly because those are going to be the hardest things to adjust.
So if all you have to do is take a taper from the knee to your ankle. Youre gonna be in good shape. Its probably gonna cost you about fifteen or twenty dollars and youll have the best fitting dress pants of your life so once again thank you guys so much for watching i hope this was helpful for you if you havent hit that subscribe button.
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white dress pants mens slim fit-4
white dress pants mens slim fit-4

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