Hanging Pot Rack. Make Your Kitchen A Foodie’s Haven!

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Nt no better comfort food than to simmer up a big heaping pot of microjig microjig maker of the gripper work. Safer work. Smarter.
Theres only five boards needed this project. So its a great opportunity for me to use some of these scrap cut offs of walnut. That ive been saving from a previous project first ill rip them all down to equal width.
I use my crosscut sled for the rest of the cut one of the things ive come to expect when using walnut is that im going to get burn marks and those can be avoided by using a sharp blade and unfortunately. I seem to never have a sharp blade on my table saw so i just sand those marks off to determine the depth of the lap joints. Im using these two scrap boards and im raising the blade up a little bit of it at a time until i get a good fit.
Here you can see i just need to go a little bit deeper to make these flush. So ill raise the blade. Just a little and make another set of cuts and eventually ill get a pretty good fit now with the blade height set.

crate and barrel pot rack-0
crate and barrel pot rack-0

I can lock in the width of these notches on the actual work pieces you and just keep moving it over a hair at a time until i get a perfect fit. Now. Its just a matter of running.
The board back and forth between the two stop. I think ill do a quick test fit now and see if theres any problems this notch in the middle has a gap where the stop block slipped when i cut it. But ill be able to fix that just by cutting a little sliver to wedge down in there by using a stop block and moving it over for each hole.
I can make sure that all of the threaded rods will line up on each of these shorter pieces. Now i can move the stop block over for the next set of holes. The important part to drilling all of these holes is to make sure you use the same edge against the fence on both of these boards for all the holes that way theyll all line up.
Im going to drill a single hole in each of these three longer boards slightly below the other holes. Im going to put a decorative chamfer or bevel on the ends of each of these boards. This chamfering bit has blades on it that are at 45 degree angles.

crate and barrel pot rack-1
crate and barrel pot rack-1

Those hands look so nice. I think ill cheer for the long edges too and ive got seven pieces out of this threaded steel rod that little sliver. I cut to the filling the gap in that one nudge now glue this all together.
I like using laughs toys because theyre kind of self swear hey. I want to try out something new this week. My friend bruce over at micro jig sent me.
A bottle of this doctors. Woodshop pens. Plus finish to try out this isnt a sponsorship or a promotion.
He just thought id like to give it a try. Its a blend of walnut oil shellac alcohol and wax you can have to leave youre not going to like the smell of this it certainly goes on easy. The nice thing is that it dries almost instantly see just put one coat on top of another without having to wait this middle rod is going to prevent the rest of them from bending.

crate and barrel pot rack-2
crate and barrel pot rack-2

And now youre enjoying this weeks project. If you would like to build your own paw trap. Check down below for a free set of plans.
If you are a foodie and would like to make more cool things for your kitchen check. My kitchen projects playlist. One of my most popular projects is this spice rack made from recycled materials.
You can make this awesome totally cool spice rack for your home. Using free free pallet wood. If you enjoyed this video.
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Ill see you next friday you .

crate and barrel pot rack-3
crate and barrel pot rack-3

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