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You call speak noodle and in pasta okay andy um. The mysticism today we review review and interview and its gonna be comic murder me nearer nearer or distinct you so i think its not saying so in terms. Thats going to be definitely may be a solution.
Were going to be reviewing this. Its the reflections led lit up near theres so much things to talk about. But ill try to keep it short in speed.
Okay. Ive been watching em here for a while especially when that lights up and online. It sucks for shopping.
Sometimes you cant physically see it and then when you go in person sometimes they dont have what you want be available. So its the hit or miss for the most part for christmas. I got a ulta gift card to school.
I asked you to predict i know that walmart you may get her.

conair magnifying mirror with light-0
conair magnifying mirror with light-0

He can present a little cheaper. But i wouldnt do it at all to a business point for all your purchases and you can redeem them after achingly. A bikini a like a coupon which i even used to supply on this floor.
Ive never gone creation and you can get a little oil crisis to sometimes when i went into ulta. I knew i wanted a mirror so i went back to the mirror section. And i looked around and i thought okay well theres nothing that im display any the ones that i wanted to see so im not going to just open everything i mean i want to put a shoplifter.
But ive never seen someone like shuffle up the mirror. But i mean its apart spit so ive gotten associate and she was so sweet she actually opened like all the boxes for me. And we got to see them all.
And its been as this one came out all beautifully like you know it was like this it was like this okay attention and as if it i i need to get that right now. So this is actually right here. I mean this the box.
So when i saw it it was love at first sight and add some to the tv.

conair magnifying mirror with light-1
conair magnifying mirror with light-1

But i knew that i wanted that one and i did see mixed reviews about this too and except because when i saw it i couldnt the lighting for it i just knew that this was big and i wand it and the ladies every assured me because you guys always exchange it for a different model or anything like that okay i go home and i instantly put batteries in it and the rest is history. Ill go ahead and show you what it looks like really quickly so. It has two different sides once it be like the normal size and everything like heres my scene after and the other side.
Its gonna be magnified. So its gonna be like you know if you have a little unibrow going on which a lot of people do they dont talk about these and so close its creepy and i just see like the fine details like getting additional pores and its so creamy hey. So thats i mean.
Its just a good mirror. Even without the light now the importance of a light is to actually know what youre doing on your face. I for so long agitated right in here and would you make up and its still on and i was get into my car you know obviously its like regular lighting natural nature lighting by just one into my car and i look in the mirror and everything would be like mismatched and i just gave up every single day.
But this helps prevent that it actually shows you what youre doing so. This is also possibly an example hopper here okay little right and its already pretty high for low so low. I and in high ronnie and sammis dark a in the stock runs like this mirror outside all a so again now night.

conair magnifying mirror with light-2
conair magnifying mirror with light-2

And you know warm and highlight. I am blind now okay so um. I recommend this kit beginners especially beginners.
Please please please get this just so you wont look out the house like i did i always like even and always a good burn. And my face not matching my neck or my body also intermediate users vote for advanced. I still if they already have other things like bigger mirrors and party like your own vanity.
But this isnt morally just getting into the mirror world i guess. But handsome can see this appear world. Yeah.
So i love this i get just a 10 out of 10 as many stars at a plus. So before i forget ill go ahead and all the specs so this actually does not have a cord. It is battery operated.
Which is really you think about you dont have to plug it in anywhere you can just pick out the go you can literally take it in the cart thats kind of weird.

conair magnifying mirror with light-3
conair magnifying mirror with light-3

But i mean i would do that if i had to it takes three dibley and you can get that at the dollar store priorities. I mean maybe first time for me a seventy percent less energy. So if you want to sell i keep saving energy.
Then this is definitely the one for you it so they could use some good for their lifetime energy. Saving led bulb you never needs replacing. I will get slim design polished chrome finish and how great is that i dont think it says mirror yours anywhere on it it isnt but you noted it though like all i can say about it i kept i gone forever.
Talking about it so music. And do everything you can to help you up and here like that so often their life and this mirror. Sir life.
I pour into the box. Well thanks for watching no right slowly. Hi.
Once again. I am blind music. .

conair magnifying mirror with light-4
conair magnifying mirror with light-4

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