Boujee On A Budget Aliexpress Onesie/Sleepwear Haul

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Bob i am back and this is going to be a le express bouchet on on the budget haul for you dogs. I do have some clothing pieces. But i waiting on a couple to come in so i dont want to do that video just yet.
But i did order some pjs its like onesies and stuff. So. This video is going to be all about sleepwear and lets get into it okay fashion over happy fame one um.
But yeah i found them on aliexpress and i thought these were cute especially like to lunch around the house in or for pictures and stuff like that i dont know why always be saying pictures. Because i aint posed to nothing on instagram and i dont know how long. But im gonna get back to it i keep saying that but i really am.
So this is the first one and it has pictures on it and it definitely gives me a bye because when i was in high school. I had this shirt from abercrombie and fitch was a abercrombie fitch or hollister. I think it was from hollister and it said head peaches like a peach on each boob and it said fresh peaches always tasty and it was like my moms favorite.
Little shirt and i used to wear it to school like on fridays with like jeans and like some flip flops. But like the thicker ones because that was like spice girls vibes like the thicker ones like oh my god job this just gives me a vibe. So this is the first one and this is the back it does say peachy on the back.
But theres a feature your peachy yes. Theres peachy on the back. And it kind of has peaches all over it its white and the peaches kind of have little faces like theyre smiling and stuff.
And i got this one. I believe its in a size medium let me just double check. I believe i got all of them in a size medium.
Some of them ran bigger than others some rain smaller. But i think this one fits fine yeah. This is a size the medium.
So that is the little peach one and then to talk about the material.

onesie for womens with hood-0
onesie for womens with hood-0

It is like a nice soft cotton material good material. I will link this down below. Because i did get some that were not good material and we gonna talk about them.
But the next one and this one is like a little chili pepper spicy vibe so this is how this one looks muy caliente okay so its white and then you have the red chilis all over it with the little green stems and then on the back of this one. It says spicy and these are both like shorts with the long sleeves. So this will work for me like i could sleep in these i prefer not to sleep in pan.
Most of the time because i usually will get hot. But like something like this i could probably sleep in it or a lot of times. I will put things on like that to chill and watch tv after my shower and most times.
I will take that off before i go to bed. Because i just be too hot. But with the shorts.
I can work with that so its another one that i picked up and i just thought that the print on it was really cute. But this material is more of like this silky type material. But i just thought the printing on it was cute and this one i think it was a little bit bigger on me.
But it still worked so it kinda has like candy and cupcakes and stuff on it and i just thought. It was cute it does have the buttons or the little snaps of the front and i believe this one is also a size medium. So yeah.
I thought this one looks cute. Im not crazy about the material. But its okay it works okay i also picked up this one which i thought was really cute this one is also like that silky material.
But its more thinner and it just has like little pandas all over it i like that it does have the snaps of the front right here you know at the bottom. It is kind of like a basic short. But you have the snaps of the front where the boob area is and yeah.
I just thought this was cute its long sleeves.

onesie for womens with hood-1
onesie for womens with hood-1

But then you have the shorts and its a fanta vibe and actually i think bernies burgos has something similar today her sleepwear line. So yeah. Im not sure if its like the same material or if its from there or whatever i aint trying to on my body.
But yeah. I found that on an experience okay. Its the next one and this one is pants like i will probably more so were at this one just around the house and stuff not really so sleep in necessarily.
But this one is more of like that sookie types at me material it does have buttons up the front pink or reddish colored buttons. And yeah i just thought the colors on this were really cute so thats why i picked this one up. I cant remember how it fit.
But i think it fit pretty good. But yeah so i really just like the colors on this one. And thats why i picked it up i picked up this one.
I think this was the one that i did not like and i was not crazy about so yeah. This is a lot i didnt like so. This one is short also um.
And its kind of like red and pink and white. But this one does not have any buttons up the front at all its just sold together. Its just not cute like i dont like this one at all i contacted the seller.
I dont even know if they contacted me back because i havent checked. But i dont like this one whatsoever and i think it was really big and its just like its not the vibe. Like i dont like that one at all okay.
I picked this up so. I guess i will include this this is a two piece one but i dont know if im gonna wear this like pajamas or what but its kind of giving me pajama bugs or cheetah lounge box. So this is really cute.
I actually get kind of with an idea in my head to do for a shoot with this outfit.

onesie for womens with hood-2
onesie for womens with hood-2

But i dont know if im gonna do it or not. But yeah. This is how it looks it has like the money on it and it definitely gives me like barbie vibes and actually dogs kill.
I had a set just like this or with this same print on it so yeah. I found it on aliexpress. So this is like a little crop top in pink.
I got this in a medium. Im pretty sure. But it looks so small and then here are the shorts on it so it kind of looks kind of like panties.
But you know yeah so there will be really short. But yeah these are really cute. But i will probably wear this sleep in or a lounge in or whatever.
So i think that up is law and i just thought. It was cute and barbie wishes i thought i picked up some really cute sleepwear more like lingerie. But yall.
Know i wear like lingerie to sleep in and i picked the pieces up from dillards at their new years fill. But i started wearing them already so i dont know are you going grab a because this this is just l express bougie on budget. So yeah.
These items are really inexpensive that stuff looks way more expensive than this so yeah. Thats all that im having this video. I do have some clothing pieces like i said but i am waiting on a couple things to come in before i do that video.
So yeah. Thats it for this video. If you guys have questions leave them down below.
And dont forget to like comment and subscribe music you .

onesie for womens with hood-3
onesie for womens with hood-3

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