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This companies that we won these im literally so excited for this video like like i dont i just dont want to do intros anymore. Without further lets just get into sadies video. All right this is a lot more tiring than i thought would be from that tikka quit caffeine break.
Did they send me two different unicorns guys to send me two different unicorns. Oh. My gosh.
Its little tail huh the little spots. Some of them on little tiny hearts. Which are so cute wait wait i forgot its not iraq guys.
These are so so so so so soft each like onesie has like this little line near bob. And so i was understanding what that was i was like why is that there the reason is there is so if you have to go to the bathroom in the middle of the night. Oh i dont know if you can see on camera.
Theres so many fuzzies just floating around right here anyways you have to know the bathroom in the middle of the night. You dont have to just like take it off you can just zip them the no hole in your bum.

unicorn footie pajamas for adults-0
unicorn footie pajamas for adults-0

And you can sit down to use the bathroom. We love that which is honestly pretty genius because like going to the bathroom in a onesie you have to put it all the way to the floor which way too much work guys. Theres pockets.
Theres literally pocket. Okay okay. Youve heard enough oh i just like music furion.
Oh my god just phases so cute guys i feel like not dying right now music so cute i mean dont die please dont die wicked guys look. Its hazel. Its multicolored.
Its like my chinchilla tail. Do you think i just have a chinchilla tail. I have a chinchilla that has a chinchilla tail opens.
I love this website. I just want to have all the onesies music.

unicorn footie pajamas for adults-1
unicorn footie pajamas for adults-1

I thought this cheetah music okay so this one the belly button area the belly. The button. The tummy has buttons.
Oh oh oh hey dont look at help short those legs off. Do you see that ah i give up set all right. Im upset i feel like its time to just go to.
Bed. Now but its literally like 10 am music okay. Its drinking a sufi.
Theres rainbow colors send hope i mean theyre like people are gonna either really like this video. People gonna think she is crazy guys. I would just feel the tail like its so so oh my word in the horn.
Its like everythings like very much like multi color like not tie dye. Whats i call when it changes kind of looks on braids or like watercolors like they spilled water colors.

unicorn footie pajamas for adults-2
unicorn footie pajamas for adults-2

I have fuzzies all over my nose cuz everything is just flying everywhere music. Im still getting some papers. Ah okay.
Plot with all the other ones. Without really like really soft fabric on both sides and this size is that fleecy fabric guys. Hes no hole of so much buzz.
Im allergic to my onesie. The reason he wanted to get this was because the arm sleeves closed. So that you can have like this.
So. This one does not have a zipper. So i think that was one of the other reasons.
Why i chose this one to you to see what it looks like without a zipper music. Thanks for sticking.

unicorn footie pajamas for adults-3
unicorn footie pajamas for adults-3

It up to the end with me. Yet youre the real mvp jesse. You know im gonna be launching merch on this.
Channel once we hit 10000. Subscribers. So its your dog and your mom.
And your dad. And your sibling. Your friends at school will be like listen.
This is youtuber like shes super awesome. But really actually i just wanted to launch part so like you should go subscribe like just be honest. Its fine.
If you want to and chic subscribe. So that you dont miss another video next thursday one of this uploaded on this channel and i am hopefully with you guys in next weeks video bye guys music .

unicorn footie pajamas for adults-4
unicorn footie pajamas for adults-4

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