7 DAY JUICING CLEANSE VLOG | Lose that CORNtine weight sis!

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Applause music. So i forgot to film an intro so this will be my intro. Intro.
But hey guys how are you whats the error like how you blow okay i just finished my 6 8. Cleanse. And as you can see like compared to the beginning of this vlog like i have so much energy right now.
I was so like no energy like down like all this type of thing. But now im like energized ready to go like i can hop a fence. I can hop on like looking back at it im just laughing at myself.
And my girl like you need to lose weight. Everything is about to open back up so im happy that it is because i just just come so i can feel at least semi like okay to like go back to working out you know what i mean so i did lose 10 pounds. But i know that most of it is water weight.
But thats okay baby because now im gonna start working out im gonna get back on track and were gonna start burning fat and building muscle thats what i want to do but honestly like my biggest motivation is literally myself like the size. I am right now i just wanted to tone up these guys i just want to tone up my arms ashley. It is about to take flight.
I hope some of you guys can take this and use it as motivation to you know if you want to do like a juice cleanse or something like that i hope you can start it as well too. So now lets actually get on to the vlog okay so i just woke up i look hot man gonna go and stock up on my fruits and veggies because by the title i am. Doing a juice cleanse challenge myself.
And see if i can do this juice. Cleanse for five things just to measure myself music. No.
No i stayed the same 32 and a half wholesaler.

7 day juice cleanse results-0
7 day juice cleanse results-0

32 and a half old. I know where its gonna be matched for you six for my hips. What my best is 26 music its okay its okay its not bad.
But i know i i know for a fact. Im have to take a shit. Im how oh its day for yall.
My rolls on the side. It is this is disappearing. Its disappearing like where is it going right.
Now you have to peel off that have to shit a lot this was like all my quarantine waited. This is how i came into this quarantine. Looking like this ill get your shirts.
This is for my friend stan okay baby. No ghost era okay you see my names a mess. But this is the quarantine shopping outfit.
We go to my local shopping youre from grocery knows im running out anyways. But yall. Luckily sandals weird whatever i dont want an identity.
Those who who stop me. Huh applause music a five and all i want is some food anything hot. You know what i mean like i just want i crave hot food right.
Now like my brothers out here making burgers.

7 day juice cleanse results-1
7 day juice cleanse results-1

My moms out here making fried chicken with plantain. I just my orders came in oh. My god i have one more theyre too big.
Im just gonna send them back get my money back whatever move on to the next. So i just came back from the store. Yall.
Want to see my outfit. Oh yeah. It is so hot outside.
Oh. My goodness i love it its my friends birthday. On monday.
Jessica. I gotta is love you i got a couple things for her id like a little diy thing to put together. But im gonna put together now i dont i dont want to show you guys because one ish.
I might post this before monday and i dont if she does watch this bit. I dont want her to see it just yet you know i kind of want to surprise surprise hair with a lake hey how are you but im gonna show up at her house some balloons and just drop it off for her cuz. You know were still in quarantine.
You know would have she truly deserves it like shes been through so much this year. Like honestly i just wanted to make something you know just a little special for her just give her like a gift card from sephora like thats like probably no meaning actually. It is you know you can deal with stuff a bit trying to switch it out so i decided to do something a little right taste with that being said im going to set up put some posters on my in my room.
Honestly anything im in the process of decorating my room like revamping it i have a theme that im going for so im gonna do that and but right now.

7 day juice cleanse results-2
7 day juice cleanse results-2

I dont have everything i need for that theme. Im just like trying to stop shopping online cuz. Ive been shopping online.
So much so thats why i dont have a theme right now. But my room is a hot mess like literally i have orders i need to return. I have a whole bunch of stuff so im just gonna do that yall gonna watch me music applause thank you my names like so cheap just look at it.
Oh my gosh well. I didnt get it before don hey. Yall.
Okay. So it is the last day of my cleanse. And your girl lost ten pounds.
Okay. Im just so happy because im like i was literally this close to giving up just because you know when you live in a haitian household. Its my quarter.
But so yeah so im just ready its a kickback start back up online working out and exercising i know everythings about to open. So im happy i lost 10 pounds of ten pounds a game. But most of this is water weight.
I know that for a fact. But i feel like amazing right now like i feel like i can like hop over a fence. Okay right now i feel good thank you so much for watching.
I hope you guys enjoyed it and like yeah. Ill see you on my next video cuz. This is this is not the last one you must defy you must have died.
But let me let me tell you something this is not the last one okay babe so yeah ill see you on my next video bye applause .

7 day juice cleanse results-3
7 day juice cleanse results-3

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