Train Table 3M Blue Tac

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Right me and my wife bought this imaginarium metro line train table from toys r r us to believe its toys r us is a brand as far as tables go very nice set as you can see its all together. There are some elevated parts of the train as well as some things that are down on the train table itself. So the part here is kind of like a like a metronome train hub.
I train humming it turn it off. But um. Its very nice look at we have a one year old and a three year old.
And what i really like is these parts are magnetic. So you can see for my one year old to touch these pieces aussie has to do is anything they connect and the magnets are strong enough to where you just really need to pull one train. And it will take off and our children.
Absolutely love this set. I play an awful lot. Which is great for us because they then a bull fireman.
This technique. Provides that so another part of this chain set that in really like is it seems to be like a little subway station. And you can see that right down here on the side over here you get down this way.
And its like another level. So we had an elevator part we have the part where the grass and all was and when we have this subway station down here so like i said the kids love it um take a look on that on the map here. There is some roads.
So you can even use this for little cars and stuff. And i see our kids playing with this for a long time when they get their action figures. Is good be like little fortress over here.
I definitely see this being used for many years.

all aboard wooden train table-0
all aboard wooden train table-0

So i guess one of the one of the biggest issues that we had have with it is the fact that some of these pieces you just my 101 year old is like maxilla up here his name is max and he just takes these pieces apart and burns them all over the place. So we had to come up with a solution to that and as you can see on the table. Here.
We have some of these 3m strips. Now if youre not familiar with 3m strips. Theyre really used for hanging pictures on the wall in the wall.
Without putting any holes in your wall. And these little tabs right here are made in such a way that so you just pull it and it comes right back off the table. So um never reason why we did that is because you can see how i was able to just pull this apart and now i have pieces everywhere now.
I cant play with it these little strips hold this on here basically makes this table toddler proof. I cannot pull this off flaw. Unless of course.
I pull this little string. This little strip comes out then the adhesive part of the stator comes off and i could show you that right here. If you like so you put someone where its hard to see underneath the rail.
Okay you just pull on this strip. And it takes the sticker parts of this dream strip out and now i can take this track up how the proof and no damage to the table whatsoever. So if you ever want to rearrange the table for some reason or if you spill something on there you need to get it up you take the track back up you just got to get some more 3 inch.
Strips. 3m strips. Didnt always work in every part of the table for example these tracks here that elevate the train.
Theyre they dont sit flat on the table.

all aboard wooden train table-1
all aboard wooden train table-1

So i had to put some some blu tack. Down. There.
And this is the same thing. The idea behind this stuff is its kind of like gum have you ever seen at a movie where a guy just chew. Some gum and takes it out and like balls it up and stick something on there thats the concept of this stuff.
Its called blue tack and a couple different brands of it. But definitely find that your hardware store same thing with the 3m strips and you just bowl. It up to however you want to use it and then you can put it in some of these places here we used it i used it here.
Because you can see over here. This has a lot of movement. So i put it in there.
For some reason. There are different pieces. These have pegs and these are kind of like just puzzle.
Pieces wooden parts that fit more fit better inside there. But this is a lot of movement. So i just put it in there to give it some extra security.
You could also see over here. I use the 3m strips teasel all this stuff comes with the table sorry that the 3m strips. I use them neat this this hub here in this this is not coming up.
Im pretty sure my kids are going to test it but you can see the the blu tac we used on the side of this because this is like a very thin surface area.

all aboard wooden train table-2
all aboard wooden train table-2

When it comes down here so that the 3m strips. Didnt seem like a good place for that but the blu tac seems to be doing a pretty good job. There too so this side of the table is just meant you take a look at the elevated part.
I actually put the 3m strips right on the top of the track there so the track itself is fastened or you know secured secured on to the top of this elevated post and an elevated post itself. I put blue tack on the bottom here. So thats fastened to the table.
So there you have it okay. Im going to show you how to put the 3m strips on the track. So i have 3m strips up to here.
Im before i put any 3m strips down. I made sure that the table was as close to how i think. Its supposed to be put together.
And what i mean by that is if you see this this piece of road right here has the match up with this road. And it does that its not going to be perfect. When you put it together you just wanted to be as close as possible.
This is another example that over here this little circular. Thing you could see the printed part on the table. Where thats supposed to go.
And that piece is supposed to be right on top of that so i tried that like i said match it up is as close as possible and this is matched up here and this goes around this way. So were just going to put the 3m strip on here. Now.
I notice that the road is actually right here so these little tabs.

all aboard wooden train table-3
all aboard wooden train table-3

I might i might get some some paint or something to get this to blend in but this one. Im actually going to avoid the tab down it slowed. Because im going to put the tabs on on the other side so on the strip itself.
One side says wall side and the other side. Just says command. So this side.
Here. The sign that says wall side is the side that i have been using on the table so put that side down there you want to press. It down.
Lets just make sure it gets good contact with it with the table. You take that side up and then the other one here. I already took off this onto that wall side and just for some added security.
Oh. I dont need to pay goes or the track should work right there. And then i just gonna put it back down together.
There you go press down the family you want to make sure mexican contact. Maybe give it a little test run thats not coming up. Unless of course you pull these little tabs out.
Okay demonstrated earlier and like i said uh. If you dont like the way these look you get some some some kind of pain or something to make this blend in a little or if you know youre not going to take it back up you can always cut them cut these off. I dont think were going to be taking it back on.
But um. I dont know what were going to give that but this is what im really concerned about is the fact that my little godzilla in the other room cannot pull these up and i know if i can do it and he can do like i said. The kids are going to play with this a lot for many years.
So it is definitely something that im happy that we won for them the imaginarium train table for us. If you have any questions about it feel free to leave a comment below and try to answer any questions you have about it i think thats thats it .

all aboard wooden train table-4
all aboard wooden train table-4

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