The Story Behind The My First Vape Toy

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Story behind the my first vape toy. So theres been an image shared on on social media for at least a couple of months. Now showing a product shot a toy called my first vape.
It features a baby on the box. Holding a plastic toy vape up to his mouth. The mod has a big smiley face on it and it blows bubbles.
According to the box. Its for kids. Nine months and up.
And it also comes with a plastic a juice bottle filled with bubble. Refill liquid. And i think.
Most of you probably realized that this is satire and not a real product. But i still see this being shared on social media. All the time with people being upset that such a thing even exists so lets get into the story of where this came from it was designed by adam padilla.
Who creates memes and he post them on instagram. Every single day at least one meme every day a lot of times. Theyre fake products just like them my first vape when them my first vape mean blew up and people found out that it was fake people jumped to conclusions.
Saying that since he works for an advertising agency. One of his clients must be a tobacco company or someone on someone who works with tobacco control. Vaping 360.

my first vape baby toy-0
my first vape baby toy-0

Even reported that some vapors discovered that padillas company. Brand. Fire.
Has done some advertising for pfizer. Who sells chantix and who also donates a lot of money to organizations that discredit vaping. Those are some pretty big assumptions there when padilla was asked about the my first vape.
He said that many of his friends vape and he sees the vape here all the time so it was just top of mind. He thought it would be funny and a really crazy idea for a baby toy. So thats why he created it its just what he does he doesnt have an agenda.
He just comes up with these crazy ideas and then he puts them on instagram and you can go look at his instagram account. And youll see hundreds of fake products like this in fact. He actually created a ton of outrage.
Not too long ago when he designed another fake product called the fisher price happy hour playset and it features a bar with stools and fake beer bottles it was actually picked up by various news stations and even it even prompted fisher price to make a public statement saying that it was fake that they didnt actually create something like that so there you go now you know. is the pilot juice pen in 05. At first.
I actually didnt really like this pen as much as the others because i thought that the strokes werent very consistent. But after trying it out more and actually breaking into it similar to the next one. It actually became a lot.
Smoother which is something that i really appreciate so pilot juice pan in. 05. Is a yes for me.
And its actually my number five out of all of those pens guys amazing.

my first vape baby toy-1
my first vape baby toy-1

It does just require a little bit more pressure than usual. Which is fine. If you guys naturally already have like strong pressured strokes.
The next one which is number four is the muji noctype pen and at first as well this was kind of inconsistent with the strokes. But the more that i used it the smoother that it became so definitely if you guys have this make sure to break it in before using it for notes. I guess i use this for writing letters.
Which is why i broke into it so well and i actually reached half of the band next number four is the i mean number three is the saryasa zebra sarasa. Clip pen and 05. Black.
And this is the limited edition. White barrel. One theyre all going to be linked down in the description box down below so make sure to check them out if you like them i got them all from shoppie and i really like this pen.
I love it so much i bought a bunch of it because i got scared that it might get sold out again because these pens sell out so quickly on shoppi. But im glad that i found the shop that really sells quality real ones. And its really smooth and something about the material of the tip.
As well as the formula makes it really smooth next up is the pilot g2 and. 038 and i really like this its not a. 04 its a 038.
And i used to use the pilot. Whats it called oh my gosh. I forgot gtech gtac pen.
Which is why i really appreciate this one because its still very thin just like my gtech.

my first vape baby toy-2
my first vape baby toy-2

But this one is really smooth and really. Consistent i wouldnt recommend the g2 in 05. Because it was very inconsistent even if i kept trying to write with it it wasnt so nice so definitely the 038.
Is much much better music and my number one of course is the zebra sarasa mark on. Pen. In.
05. 04 is also nice but i like 05. A lot more because its so pigmented and if i were going to use a.
04 i would just use my g2 and 038. Honestly anyway so this mark on pen is just amazing i use highlighters and i can use highlighters with this pen. Because it doesnt smudge and thats what the mark on is known for and as you can see its kind of packaged or designed in a way thats like really college type with a grid um sticker around it so i really really like this and definitely.
This is what i like to use when i study. Its kind of like a ritual manic. I really get in the zone to study with this pen anyway heres just um swatches.
I guess of all of them next to each other just so you can compare them. And i know they all kind of look the same but writing with them feels different for each pen. I guess i guess the most similar ones are the sarasa ones just because they have the same formula.
I guess and the tip used but music definitely there are differences in these pens. When you use them music. So.
Now i hope you guys enjoy this short studio.

my first vape baby toy-3
my first vape baby toy-3

Vlog music foreign. So music. So so music music foreign.
So music music music so music music you most unique choices on this video. And youre about to find out why. Its unique alright head inside this quirky place located at the top of the moxy hotel in times square this bar is known for their outlandish food and drink choices which automatically makes me a fan.
We sampled some crazy selections from their curiousities menu like the 65 rose ole margarita. A 25 ounces. It could easily serve 3 or 4.
Or the doctors orders two iv bags of bacardi lime rum at 60. Oh. The fun you could have with these.
The carnival theme continues on the other side of the roof. Where they have a tiny mini golf course did i mention. How photogenic.
This rooftop was yet you can also order. 15. Buzz pops with tequila rum and vodka.
We had some fantastic appetizers. Including my surprise favorite. The new york pretzel if you want to have a really fun outlandish party with a small group the magic hour rooftop should be your destination guys.
I hope you got a lot of ideas from this video make sure to tell down below in the comments. Which one of these rofotops was your favorite. Im curious and also watch my other new york city playlists all linked down below in the description guys.
Thank you so much for watching as always until next time. .

my first vape baby toy-4
my first vape baby toy-4

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