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Anybody here like fried pickles raise up your hand. I got you guys let me me show. You how easy.
It is to make the best. Fried pickles allah. The next started off to make.
Good. Fried pickles. You need pickles obviously right ok chop.
It down. I think. Its a little chop this down and to nice.
What is hes called wedges yes widgets. I cant find thick pickles well medium sized. But still all big guys nice dilly spears thats kind of small yes.
I know its a little doll. Thats all good ok. Yeah.
Nice. Dealing wedges here. Speak for docs batter time three.

who has fried pickles on their menu-0
who has fried pickles on their menu-0

Cat eggs. No shells. Please next.
We got 1 cup. Buttermilk 1 cup. Flour.
1 2. Tablespoon. Salt 1 2.
Tablespoon dill weed or dr. Deal weed. 1 2.
Tablespoon the batter feels like a little thick to me guys. Yeah. Thats good setup.
So deals kill. Spears. Yes.
Deal skiers playing my flower. Hold this in very well nice about it we got our batter panko crust on the side here it goes something like that scape dill batter shake off any excess okay yeah boom. Lets try shaking off panko crumbs package.

who has fried pickles on their menu-1
who has fried pickles on their menu-1

It very well keep this the good side deal better access packet there we go nice and cold it wrap it up and into the freezer. Hows that wrap it up and into the freezer. It goes one hour dipping sauce just first.
Im the only one to pick we got a two tablespoon or two keeping tablespoon of mayonnaise next one heaping tablespoon sour cream we got this wait one second fresh dill tablespoon or more if you like it lastly this the old pickle seasoning for your popcorn. I love this stuff excited it was nice simple easy delicious no pickle mmm thats delicious all right one hour in use an ice cream sandwich fan who wants one wants one anybody. Its mega size two guys all right no hands no ice or sandwiches.
Okay one hour in here. We go guys. I got peanut oil here.
I have peanut oil havent used peanut oil ever. But you guys tell me is like the biggest thing ever like the biggest rave ever so were using peanut oil. So peanut oil stick your chops.
Again 20 minutes. Bubbling. We ready.
So pickles everybody into the pool. I dont care take a swim. They just have to get it out cook some time for this i want to say two to three minutes dont overcrowd the tool hey guys theyre all not gonna cook nicely just like that nice and crispy.
I left this in for about 30 seconds. Actually not even 1 to 2 minutes music nice match applause look that first batch was a little darker than the second batch. The heat was a little lower we got some dry gail weed make it more gayly remember this best thing ever you can find this at any popcorn.

who has fried pickles on their menu-2
who has fried pickles on their menu-2

Place or popcorn section in your super close up on that when you guys gonna come by quick time best deal he sticks you guys are popping them off. I promise you dont believe me come to delhi. Everywhere is this probably the worst thing.
It cooked or not cook. Clean is dill weed. They stick on like glue go dill sauce last not least guys look closer clean this a bit i feel like it needs more spicy something what are you gonna come by quick time guys.
Wheres my dilly. Fried spears or fried pickles stop were playing around guys come through and grab yourself some ghillie sticks fried fried pickles guys buy this by sulfurous hands get it nice soup off this oh man this on its own by itself already is absolutely amazing. If you guys are a dill pickle fan this recipe is for you okay lets dip it so this sauce is cooling and dealing to top this what can i say.
I said it its cooling and dilli get some cooling and dealing sauce. Do you i got that cooling and dylan sighs you know what thing. I was kind of scared of not seasoning this well.
But it came out perfect guys just follow this recipe and i guarantee you in two hours. Youll be in fall in love with me falling in love with me or fall in love with this recipe just right here this pickle lover dream that truly is go all right peep this across would you say thats the perfect crust for pickling or what or for fried pickles or what its just perfect. Its even this is pickle tea mm hmm eating this is kind of weird by itself.
Its like a warm a little weird guys a warm cucumber. What the press is really good all right pickle. The sauce hmm make this our home hey guys hope you guys.
Enjoyed dont forget to subscribe you havent also dont forget to like this video here subscribe you have it peace out ht because i was losing daylight. I kind of skipped assess. But i want to make sure that i can tell you so that you dont so once you have your key crumbles combined youre going to bake it at 350 for 5 to 10 minutes it keep a good close eye on it because you dont want it different thatll just kind of give it that crunchy effect.

who has fried pickles on their menu-3
who has fried pickles on their menu-3

Then you get from the actual ice cream. When you eat that strawberry shortcake eye cream so again dont forget the bacon. I was just running out of sunlight.
And i didnt want to wait into the next day of inches. I wanted a piece already so like i said dont forget to make it and once you finish your crumble recross your cake that will just give it a nice cleaner finish supposed to be from coping spin and so with something all over the place and lastly youre like i keep seeing last name this video. But this is finally your last step youre going to go crazy.
With those crumbles and just put them all over that cake the more the better. I say it for this part because im not gonna lie to you i kept eating off of those crumbles like that little bowl. Just because it was pretty good.
My name is gigi. Enjoy food. Oh yeah.
The heavy hand here is amazing for this cake music. And once you have filled every nook and cranny of that case. You are done you can finally enjoy it.
This is just a quick little view of what it looks like off to the side are actually get the right angle. And why are we talking like this but anyway so after that you are completely finished with your case. Unfortunately.
I couldnt get a decent photo. Because i ended up loosing that sunlight so i did have to wait until the next day to eat this cake. But it was completely worth away because it was delicious okay so thank you for watching everybody i hope you enjoyed if you do make this cake.
Please let me know how many what you think of it i really thought is delicious. So thank you once again and music. .

who has fried pickles on their menu-4
who has fried pickles on their menu-4

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