How to make a Mexican folk art for Day of the Dead

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Guys so today. Im going to show you how to make a wire armature armature for the body of your calaca. Its gonna end up looking something similar this about six inches tall give or take okay.
So first everyone should have a wire that is two feet long okay. So what im gonna do is im just gonna take the ends and im gonna bring the ends together and im gonna take the top here im gonna pull it to make a u shape okay. Im gonna make an x cross.
It over and pull that loop really small. So now im gonna do is im going to pinch it here in the middle and im gonna give this a good twist. Maybe just once not too many times just once or twice okay.
Thats gonna be the neck and then im gonna put the head on the top of this okay so now im going to take one straight down. And im gonna start with the right side of the body so this side. Im gonna do the arm and the leg.
So im gonna do is im going to measure about maybe four inches or so out. And im gonna make a u turn this is aluminum wire. So the more i settle with it the harder.
It is gonna be to bend so now im gonna pinch here in the center and im gonna twist twist twist there you go okay thats gonna be his hand. Im gonna take the head. Im just gonna go ahead and pull this down.
So thats the whole right side of the body that are see that okay and im gonna flip them over and do the same thing on the other side. Lets take this straight out about four inches in make a u turn pinch. It here in the center and give it a good twist.
You know you want the hands to be about the same size yes. I know thats so interesting okay so im gonna go ahead and pull down there are my two legs. They should be about even.
But well even that out your arms should be about the same length also so now im gonna do is im gonna take the center here and im just gonna give this a good twist. Maybe two or three times one two three times k.

day of the dead figurines-0
day of the dead figurines-0

So how like this cross figure here and bring my legs downwards. Okay now i have these which will be available to you these are needlenose pliers. Okay so theyre pointy.
They also have some teeth on here on the inside this right here is where we cut to make things even so. If i take my feet here. I just go ahead and grab on to the end.
I always put your hand over it so it doesnt fling anywhere and then you go ahead and wiggle it back and forth that will get you a good even legs. Now your is not gonna be able to stand like this you have to put some type of feet on it so that when you glue it it has something to stand okay. So im gonna take my needle nose pliers and first thing.
Im gonna do is im actually gonna bend these forward like feet so theres one heres the other one okay so make sure youre standing good looks good to me now the next thing. Im gonna do is im gonna take my needlenose pliers just on the tips here and im just gonna bend this around see how i did that same thing here bend this around now dont worry about all this stuff. Because a lot of this is gonna be covered in the end anyways so if he doesnt turn out exactly perfect.
We can we have ways to to hide mistakes alright. So there you go dont mess around with them. Yet um.
Until we put the clay on him okay okay guys. So im going to show you how to put the clay on the body of this so this is my armature and ive bent it into the form that i want it to be in so say im making an ice skater. Lets say and shes skating on the ice.
Okay. Im gonna make two things im gonna make a head for this and im gonna make a body cavity for this thats it im gonna let the wire become the bones and the limbs of my object. So everyone has about an ounce of clay.
This is paper clay. Which means its air dry clay you dont have to fire it and you want to keep this wrapped at all times in your plastic wrap otherwise. Its gonna dry out on you and dont mess with this so much like the more you mess with it the more dry it gets and then its gonna crack on you and youre not going to have a nice end result so make sure you keep it packaged up so here i have my bit of clay.
Im gonna go ahead. Im gonna roll this into a ball to make the head so here we go something like this okay.

day of the dead figurines-1
day of the dead figurines-1

And im not gonna leave this just like this okay so the first thing. Im gonna do is im gonna pinch the side with my fingers give it some cheekbones see how that is right there. Now im gonna go ahead.
And give it really cant see im just kind of rubbing out the wrinkles in it because i want it to be nice and smooth now im gonna go ahead. Im gonna give him some eyes. Im gonna just take a pencil stick it in them and kind of roll.
It around give them like a nice eye socket. There you cant see okay. Im gonna do the same on the other side here just roll.
It around hey that looks good enough okay. So there are his eyes. There you go okay now the next thing.
Im gonna do is im gonna take an old paper clip. Okay im gonna open this up and what im gonna do is im gonna take my needlenose pliers and im just going to bend the tip of it and ill have some of these ready for you and this is actually how im going to make its mouth gonna use this tool come back to my face and im just gonna im not gonna drag this across. Im just gonna push it into the clay and roll it just like that okay so hes toothless right now how many teeth so im gonna take the tip of that tool and im gonna kind of wedge it in there to give him some teeth now if i dont like what i do i can always roll them back out.
But im thinking hes good thats good enough okay so now im gonna take my body and because this loop is a little big. Im gonna take my pliers. Im just gonna squeeze this in a little bit shrink it down keep it nice and tight.
Though and im just gonna take his head and im just gonna push it right on top reform. It just in case. I have any bumps on there and hes looking pretty good.
Im really hard to see that yeah he looks good good enough okay so i have my head and my face on there looking pretty good hard to tell. But next. Im gonna do is his body cavity so im gonna take a little bit more on my clay.
I want to keep some just in case. I want to do something with it later so im gonna give take myself maybe like half of that so maybe like a third for the head maybe like a third for the the chest.

day of the dead figurines-2
day of the dead figurines-2

But it depends if youre gonna put clothes on him and cover up this part then you dont need to do this part. But if youre gonna be able to see this part of his body you probably want to give them some type of chest so im gonna go back im gonna roll my clay into a ball remember to keep that clean icing covered okay now because your chest cavity is a little bit more oblong im gonna roll it into like an elongated egg. If i have a crack in it like that i just smooth it out with my finger like that quickly okay so here we go that looks good thats gonna fit on him about here.
So now look what im gonna do im just gonna push this right on top of his chest. So that i can see it in the back now im gonna pinch this around to connect it in the back and then smooth it down pinched. It really good just kind of smooth it down with your thumb try not to have any cracks that the tip of your fingernail works really great as a smoother here okay heres the front.
I have a crack right here im going to try to get rid of that and if hes still loose tomorrow when hes dry. What i can do is i can hot glue him in some places or her to make sure its not wobbly anymore okay. So that looks good okay so im going back to my paper to clip tool.
And what im gonna do here is im gonna use the rounded edge site for this and im gonna give them some ribs. So im gonna start in the middle and im just gonna push a little bit and then im gonna roll it around to the side see you like that im gonna go down a little bit more roll dont drag it otherwise it chews up the clay and it gives you these weird rough patches you just kind of gonna make a little bit of an indentation on his side there there you go im gonna flip them over do the same thing on the other side. Im just gonna roll.
It around this is super important to roll at you guys otherwise um. You know the less you mess with this the better off. Youll be in the end.
Hey go give him one more on the other side. Something like that you can always bring it around to the back oops bring it around to the back if you need to go hide. See guess what im not gonna mess with him.
Anymore he is good to go oh you know it actually i can really give him one working. This is optional also im gonna give him some joints so for his elbow. Im just gonna take a little tiny piece of clay and im gonna stick.
It here around his his elbow joint that might have been a little big. There we go something like that make sure you pinch it so its connected all the way around maybe do the same thing for the knee. I will definitely need to hot glue this piece cuz.
Its gonna want to move around on me tomorrow and then im gonna i would do that to the other joints also but then im skinned thats it im gonna put them to side im gonna let them dry and tomorrow im gonna paint the whole thing white make sure you put a piece of tape on here. So you know whos project is whose all right have fun you okay ladies and gentlemen so today i want to show you how to do the details in here of your skeleton.

day of the dead figurines-3
day of the dead figurines-3

So the first thing. I do is i have a really small pointy tip brush that im gonna use i wouldnt use a thick one for this because its not gonna work and then the next thing. Ive done was ive actually taken my paint.
And i thinned it down here look how nice and thin. That is almost like a ink ink type of consistency. Which is perfect for this okay so what im gonna do is im gonna roll my brush into a point of course first and take my guy you can see his face.
Im just gonna go go ahead and set my brush into some of these holes here and because theres little divots that paint automatically goes in there actually works pretty well. Im gonna go something like that do the eyes. Oh something like that and even i could even give him a little nose.
If i want to kind of forgot about this part there we go voila and he is done as far as his faces now look if i made a mistake. Im all i have to do is take a wet paper towel and wipe this off. If i didnt like it okay.
And then i could always touch it up again with a little bit of white. But um yeah. I dont really mind that look it kind of looks like vintagey to me so come on back in there get that cleaned up so.
Im gonna do the same thing for the ribs okay. Im just gonna kind of set this in here. And it kind of just wants to run into those holes.
The good thing about it being nice and watery is that if i make a mistake on here if i make a mistake or its too thick. I can just wipe it down with the paper towel and basically the black is going to set up in those grooves. It works kind of nicely for that i wouldnt oops.
I tipped in the wrong paint. I wouldnt do this with thick black paint. Its not gonna work as well.
Its gonna be really thick. And its not gonna want to spread for you im kind of like that rubbed out look do the other side. There you know looks pretty good can always give them a little bit more details.
If you wanted ha. This was the third take of this video thanks to my assistants who are now snoozing you .

day of the dead figurines-4
day of the dead figurines-4

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