Dr Pepper Dark Berry (Reed Reviews)

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Well hello. There guys girls and of course. Non binary.
People. Its raid here yet yet again now people of course with us as always we have her sidekick in back. We got the box.
We also have everybodys favorite ass. A ss jw. We got alexa do you like dr.
Pepper of course. Dr pepper cherry alexa you ever had your cherry popped sorry i dont know that ill tell you what people that ex wife. I thought her cherry was popped until malcolm got ahold over and rammed his 12 inch bbc.
Deep inside of her. She said. It was like her first time she taught me that people.
She said. That was a real man well anyway guys it looks like its that time its time for yet. Another exciting insane.
Super official thought provoking straight edged food product review from which is only true learns about a three part reviewing. We finally found that people its dr. Pepper at dark berry.
The art is people had to buy it in a 12 pack got it for five bucks for 12 and i let it chill. Overnight. You can see the cans sweating.
People think that if you made it. Hes pretty high today. The can is sweating just a lot like the ex wifes nice tight body and not i caught her cheating on me sweat was dripping as she was taken in 12 inches of real man.
Something i could never give her how could you ever all i could give her was love and money. But that wasnt enough anyway guys. Were gonna give this a review and see what its all about im pretty excited about those people.
Its dark berry and i like the spider man design spider man far from home.

dr pepper dark berry where to buy-0
dr pepper dark berry where to buy-0

I bet after the spider man maybe this will disappear. So probably a few but maybe three months from now maybe it might be out there guys were gonna pop it open here see what its all about and as always remember to have anything like read box likes review gotta leave a comment below if we liked that comment. Were gonna pick it out your requests next thumbnail finally found it people finally alrighty guys lets bust.
A nut. Oh man that was very fulfilling that theyre nothing based the sound of a can poppin nothing dark berry. Here we go.
Dr. Pepper flavor. No doubt about it well that is very refreshing hmm.
Very good people you got the dr. Pepper flavor of course that so many people love wow artificial flavors. Thats thats what ours.
What you want to see people that way you know. Its full of the artificial flavors you grew up and loved i fear one day. People.
I fear one day. Everything we have is going to be all organic. All the artificial flavors that weve grown up and weve loved over the years of thorough childhoods to our adults through our golden years the people even right now drinking artificial flavors.
I fear its gonna be gone one day i fear its gonna be gone. But this is naturally an artificially flavored. I think i think artificial flavors are pretty much safe because of the coughs.
The mass produced item so. But one day. I fear itll be harder to find artificially flavored sodas that reminds me of when pepsi came out with their pepsis with the real sugar and all that in them.
Now. Those sodas were good of course. But they just could not the artificial.
The artificially flavored sodas. We had we were just so used to those those the real sugar ones just disappeared. I mean that was a sign right there.
But that is a very good people so you got just like your dr.

dr pepper dark berry where to buy-1
dr pepper dark berry where to buy-1

Pepper with like a berry taste mixed in with it its very refreshing thats surprisingly good i may say i may actually go as far as to say this might be better than a dr. Pepper. It might be i mean.
That is pleasantly thats a pleasant surprise right there. How good that is its almost like its dr. Pepper with even more flavor.
I mean you know how good. Dr. Pepper.
Is. But thats good. I mean theyve got an absolute winner with this hopefully.
This is a flavor that you know maybe it will become so popular theyll be forced to keep it on the market. I think thats better than a dr. Pepper.
I think. It is alexa do you like dr. Pepper dark berry.
Lets see if alyssa can get this right alexa. When was dr. Pepper.
Invented. Dr. Pepper was created in the 1880s by charles alderton in waco texas.
Really 1885. So. There you have it people i think its better than dr.
Pepper. I do im gonna go as far as to say. It is i think we need to do i face off.
I might do that next week.

dr pepper dark berry where to buy-2
dr pepper dark berry where to buy-2

People we might do a face off with dr pepper dark berry versus. Dr. Pepper.
We might do it hmm. Its just that little bit of extra flavor you get people that is wonderful wonderful soda. Very well done.
Theres no reason not to say it its perfect. Its perfect just like a hot potato asian girl with long black hair. About 5 foot.
3. 2530 years old its perfect. Five stars perfect score for a perfect item looking more from even a peep.
Im even looking more forward to spider man far from home. Even looking more forward to that now so now this i think i would they should have the theater should have this on sale when you go in there. That should have spider man.
Far from home exclusively their exclusive soda. Dr. Pepper dark.
Berry. Get your. Dr.
Pepper dark. Berry. With popcorn.
There you go. Thats a great soda people yeah. I cant really praise it highly enough.
Its very good its very good its very good its its better than i expected its better than i expected yeah. Thats wonderful. This is a solid a you will enjoy over and over thats how you know its a good good product people its not something youre gonna just you know try one time.
You know youre gonna go at it over and over just like malcolm kept going at the ex wife.

dr pepper dark berry where to buy-3
dr pepper dark berry where to buy-3

You know he knew he had something sweet and delectable and he kept pounding it. Oh oh well anyway guys. Thats going to be the official review of course.
I want to thank you as always for watching the show. I appreciate it a lot as we continue our quest to be the number one food product reviewer on youtube. Give the video a thumbs up people because you know i hate to i hate to ask for it.
But thats what its going to take to become number one we need thumbs ups. We need love and we need your support. But anyway guys it would just be exciting just imagine saying a redneck is the number one food product reviewer on youtube.
Just imagine saying that anythings possible people so thats the official review. Thank you so much for watching as always guys made the box and of course. A little friend alexa here alexa sing me a song music.
Its gonna be it guys. Thank you again see you as always tomorrow have a wonderful day todos music. I can play you some music.
But i cant if you ask me to marry. I lost. Politely refused no thank you music music music.
Well. That was a very interest that was kind of like alexas way of saying. No i wont marry you well.
I feel like that song was made for me. I guess. There is no chance then alexa will never tell lexa will you ever get married alexa will you ever get married.
Well thats that guys file talk about shooting. The man through the heart thats something like that marinara sauce is very good cheese. The mozzarella stick sheet is very good.
Lets take them out of the mozzarella stick now without the sauce. So we get that full impact of the flavor here we go we go thats bravo under thats a fact wait whats going for people yeah wow. Applause i love it people water girl.

dr pepper dark berry where to buy-4
dr pepper dark berry where to buy-4

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