BUMBO MULTI SEAT vs INGENUITY BABY BASE | Side by Side Booster Seat Comparison

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Everyone that my name is xanadu and welcome to my channel in this video. I im gonna be comparing. 3 bias.
The bubble multi seat and the ingenuity 2 1. Baby base. If youre anything.
Like. Me. Youre probably.
Doing a ton of research. Watching youtube videos. Reading reviews and making.
Sure that you make the best decision. Before going out. And buying a baby product for your baby.
So hopefully. This video was helpful for you im comparing these two in particular because they have very very similar. Features.
But also there are some differences that may be the deciding factor for you i dont know if you have your eyes on these two in particular or youre just trying to figure out which booster seat to get in general there are so many booster seats. On the market right now so lets go ahead and get started so right away.

baby booster seat for eating-0
baby booster seat for eating-0

You can see that the ingenuity tune. One is sitting higher than the bump a booster seat the ingenuity does not have an adjustable height. This is the height that it is all the time the bumbo does have an adjustable height.
So it has a slower height setting. It also has a higher height setting that is the same height as the ingenuity is right now so another difference that you can see right off the bat is that the ingenuity does have higher side support than the book so when youre using these booster seats. In a charity and if you want to secure the booster seat to that chair.
So the bum bow. Has the straps already attached to the seat. You would just pop these buckles.
How you would stick your hand inside the booster seat and then just push these buckles out this is on both sides of the seat these buckles in the front would pop out and secure to the bottom of the chair and these buckles in the back and secure to the back of the chair. So for the ingenuity. The straps are not secured already to the booster.
They are separate. But they are stored in this compartment down here and when youre ready to use them and attach it to a chair. You would take them out theres one strap that has plastic like hooks on both sides of it and you would slice those hooks in this split that you will find on both sides of the booster seat so you would pop it and its very secure and drop.
It to the bottom of the chair and then to subtract this booster seat to the back of the chair. You have my straps here there is an additional strap that you can clip to these and secure to the back of our chair. So is where the train is stored so again like the straps.
Its like really sleek design virtually like it disappears and the booster seat is same with the tray. Its just really sleek and fits right into the design really seamlessly.

baby booster seat for eating-1
baby booster seat for eating-1

Which is great so speaking of the trays. Lets go ahead and talk about those like i said the bum boat race sort in the back so well slide it out and then when youre using. It you would slide it into this thoughts here.
When you release it you would press this button to release it so lets attach it wait for it to clear and its secure for the ingenuity. The tracer down here it was and you would slide it into the slots right here until it clicks and now its secure so. If you have both of them from this angle.
You can see that the bumboat ray. It looks more compact to look smaller than the annuity tray that has this little bit bolt here. But if you look at from the top angle.
You can see that the bumbo tray is deeper than the engineer betray so even though its not as wide. It is deeper and so surface area wise. Its probably very comparable and then obviously you can see that the ingenuity tray does have the cup holder and the bumbo tray does not and if you hear my baby in the background jingling.
His chime toy. Im sorry about that i try to record this video. While he was sleeping and clearly that didnt pan out so i have him in his playpen trying to keep him entertained.
While i record this video hopefully. Its not too distracting. Im sorry if it is but this video goes up its because this is the best one.
I was able to record so i do apologize for that i do have this little paunchy bubble with the suction just to give you an idea of what it looks like on these trays. So this is the bowl attached to the ingenuity.

baby booster seat for eating-2
baby booster seat for eating-2

So it pretty much like takes up the whole depth of it and and this is the bull on the bubble. Just to give you guys a size comparison of the tres and then just because im using this in the video. Im gonna go ahead and like link all of these products are in the description box.
So when were moving the tray like i said before the bumbo. Its super easy you just press that one button and it will release and you can sign it right out and store it right here again for the ingenuity. There is this button on both sides that you have to press at the same time to pull it out so technically the easiest thing to do would be to use two hands to be able to sight it out.
But if you absolutely needed to use one hand you could you would just have to do one side at a time so when you release. The first side. You would just have to be careful to not let it clip back in also super super easy you just press.
This one and it pops right off it does require some pressure so i dont think you should worry about your toddler being able to do it they have to be pretty strong. I think to be able to unbuckle themselves for the ingenuity. You would just have to press both of these claws in and then push them out so not quite as like quick and easy as the bumpo.
But still very user friendly. I mentioned before both these deeds you would use as early as six months. This one you can use up to three years and this one you can use up to four years and thats just because there is a little bit more leg.
And seat room in this one than so basically what that tells me its just that you can use this one a little bit longer than youd be able to use this one so right now. Im going to show you is how you would remove the from inserts and both of these seats. When youre ready to transition.
It for your toddler to have a little bit more ste in leg room. One thing to pay attention to as im transitioning them from like the infant to the toddler position is this foam insert.

baby booster seat for eating-3
baby booster seat for eating-3

Im going to be able to store it within the booster seat in the bumbo. I am not going to be a wolf system store. The foam insert of the ingenuity inside the booster seat.
Theres not enough space in there. So thats something to keep in mind all the components at the bumbo stay together. You dont have to worry about losing anything because it all just stays within the booster for the ingenuity.
Although there is that compartment on there to store the straps. There isnt a place to store the foam insert when youre not using it so if you plan on reusing these seats in the future for another child or you want to use it for your toddler and for your infinite. Thats maybe something that you want to keep in mind right.
So lets get started okay. So there you go. This is both of them in the highest position in the booster seat without the foam insert as you can see i was able to adjust the height on the volvo by just turning the base around before putting it back on and i was able to store the foam insert inside the booster seat.
So all the components are here and you dont worry about losing anything for the ingenuity. Technically you could store this part inside there is enough space to put this inside the seat. But there isnt enough space for this insert.
So like i said you would just have to store it in a safe place so you dont lose it so that you can use it again in the future. If you plan on it so hopefully this video was helpful for you if it was please click the like button and please share it with someone you think it would benefit and if youre interested in watching more videos like this please go ahead and click the subscribe button. If you already havent i do plan on coming up with a couple more videos in the next few weeks one about the baby jogger city view convertible car.
Seat. Ill do like an unboxing and a review and ill also be doing another video comparing swaddles. We do have quite a bit of swaddles and i can just walk you through the differences.
And what are the features that we love we really didnt like so if youre interested in those videos that please go ahead and subscribe. So you dont miss out on those thank you guys so much for watching. .

baby booster seat for eating-4
baby booster seat for eating-4

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