Big Agnes Little Red 15 Degree Kids Sleeping Bag

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For bringing your little one along on your backcountry trips. The big. Agnes.
Little red. Red. 15.
Is a fully featured backpacking sleeping bag for kids with a construction that mom or dads sleeping bag. But in a smaller size the little red provides excellent performance and warmth. A lightweight polyester rip stop shell and a soft polyester lining are packable and the synthetic insulation grants excellent year round performance.
A smart contoured design allows the bag to drape over the user which increases the thermal efficiency a full length pad sleeve accommodates a kid size pad of 25 48 inches a one handed hood cinch seals in warmth and the bag is equipped with a no draft collar. No draft wedge and a zipper tube to seal out cold air. Lets take a closer look at the big agnes.

lands end kids sleeping bag-0
lands end kids sleeping bag-0

Little red. 15. The cool thing about the big agnes.
Little red is that it is a fully featured sleeping bag. But sized specifically for kids. Its got a lightweight polyester rip stop shell so thats packable its abrasion resistant and fairly durable its got a soft polyester lining so thats gonna be comfortable next to skin and its gonna wick moisture and breathe really well and the insulation is fully synthetic so youve got good performance good thermal efficiency and relatively good pack ability.
But its going to maintain that performance even in wet or damp conditions. So youve got year round performance from that this bag has big agnes sleep system design. So what that means is that the bottom of the bag is completely uninsured.
So youve got full synthetic insulation on the top and draping around the sides. But the bottom does not have that it does however have a full length pad sleeve. So that is designed for a sleeping pad to be used with the bag to provide that warmth and that insulation under the body.

lands end kids sleeping bag-1
lands end kids sleeping bag-1

It is designed for a pad thats 20 inches wide and 48 inches long. So youve got protection. There.
And it prevents you from rolling off that pad during the night. So for your little one who may be tossing and turning youve got good performance there with that pad sleeve. There is a half zipper on the sleeping bag.
So its easy to get in and out of the bag. It is a two way zipper so you can zip it up from the bottom if you need to vent or if it gets a little warm you can easily get into it from the top theres also a abrasion resistant zipper protection. Theyre just a durable fabric a more durable fabric thats gonna prevent that zipper from snagging and potentially tearing the sleeping bag.
And youve got that no draft tube that sits right along the zipper as well so it really helps to seal out any drafty air. Youve got a no draft collar at the top. So that rests comfortably around the neck.

lands end kids sleeping bag-2
lands end kids sleeping bag-2

And again prevents drafty cold air from seeping into the bag. And youve got a really easy to use hood on the bag. Its a fully insulated hood.
It wraps nicely around the head. If its a nice cold night. And you can easily cinch that down if you need to so very simple very easy to use mechanism for that hood.
It is a mummy shaped bag so it will be wider at the shoulders and taper off toward the feet. But you still get a lot of room in the feet of the bag. It is a trapezoid shaped foot box.
So its a little bit more anatomical than a traditional sleeping bag. Youve got a nice big foot box there and its fully insulated all the way around so you get a lot of good comfort out of that its also got a little bit of insulation on the bottom. Where that pad sleeve cuts off.

lands end kids sleeping bag-3
lands end kids sleeping bag-3

So you do get insulation under the feet. As well as on the top sides and bottom this bag does include a stuff sack and a storage sack. So youve got a large mesh storage sack for at home storage.
And youve got a lightweight stuff sack for when you want to go out backpacking with your little ones so it can pack down relatively small you can throw it in your pack or have them carry it it is fairly lightweight. So you could have your little one carry it if theyre ready for it. But definitely gives a lot of good performance there so for those little ones you want to take out backpacking with you giving them all the performance of mom and dads sleeping bag.
The big agnes. Little red 15 is a perfect backpacking companion. Thanks for watching if you have any additional questions about the gear that you just saw feel free to visit back country edge comm to get in touch with me or one of our other gear specialists.
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lands end kids sleeping bag-4
lands end kids sleeping bag-4

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