Amazon Favorites: Laptop Bags! (Detailed Views)

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Guys is marcia here. Thanks for tuning in to my channel. Its marcia from the the blog.
Sassy critics calm and on here on youtube land. Sfc. Critic beauty ins video.
Im and heres another different video for you. But i wanted to show you as you can see from the title. My favorite laptop bags right now that ive gotten from amazon they are by the same seller.
But i just like them so much and ive gotten so many compliments on them. But i just felt like i need to share this with other people so these are laptop bags that are great for work. You dont just have to put your laptop in there.
It can fit other things in addition to your laptop like a good amount of stuff. And the bags are really really nice and come in different colors. So stay tuned.
So you can see what i want to show you music okay. So there are two bags like i said. I want to show you and the first one is this one that i got for the strap over it is a whole leather bag and this one is in the purple color.
Its a very light purple like lavender color. The front has this little design here and it has the brand kind of engraved in there it says east grave. Its got like a crown got eg and it says since 1999.
Its a very nice bag these straps are very sturdy. Theyre those like roundish type of straps with the buckles on this side papers up in the face and on the back. And it comes with an optional long strap.
Now the long strap has its like that fabric material on the back and then on the flip side. It has the faux leather strip in the center. It has a buckle so that you can adjust the length of the strap.
Very convenient when the bag gets too heavy. Because i tend to carry a lot of stuff and the inside of the bag is so much more spacious than i expected it to be so thats why this bag has worked out so well for me for work. Because i put my laptop in here folders excuse.
Me supplies like pens and all kinds of stuff that i use for work. With my students and just to get my job done and this laptop bag. It says.
It holds up to a 15 and a half inch laptop mine is a 13 inch macbook.

laptop bags for women amazon-0
laptop bags for women amazon-0

So im able to fit it in here inside the case i slip that in and like i said. I can also hold folders in here and all kinds of stuff. And its got pockets.
Its got pockets on the side on the inside this particular one does not have pockets on the outside. But it does have pockets on the inside. Because i have them some things in here.
Im going to show you the interior of the bag on the next one because that ones empty. But the interior is exactly the same as this one. But i want to show you this i get so many compliments on this bag.
So you can just carry it with the loop handles. If you want or you can put it on your shoulder and have it like that its very comfortable the strap is very comfortable so ive been using the long strap. When my bag gets too heavy.
But otherwise you can carry it like a briefcase just with the handles and this particular bag it comes in eight different colors. Eight colors. So its really nice they have like red gray black oak.
I says eight colors okay including this pretty purple. One so i really like it and im actually thinking about getting another color in this style. But what i love too is this bag is so well made its like so sturdy.
It seems so durable and i really feel like its going to last me a good while to be very honest with you and it holds everything i never feel like it feels like its gonna fall apart. The straps dont feel flimsy at all its just very well made and for the price. Its a really good bag.
I tend to buy a new work bag every one to two years and thats because they tend to start falling apart. Especially the straps because my bag can get kind of waiting with all the stuff that i have to carry around and sew. The straps tend to start breaking down and freeing and tearing or whatever so.
But this one that seems like it will last me a good while and im really happy about that so let me move on to the next bag. So i can show you that and show you the interior. Okay so heres the next bag and before i show you the bag.
I want to talk to you really quickly about the packaging. This is another thing that i really liked about this seller is the way they packaged these bags you know when you order from amazon. Sometimes your stuff comes in the amazon box.
And when you open up the amazon box you see your item in there like right. There with the big bubble wrap stuff right well. This one was not like that these bags each.

laptop bags for women amazon-1
laptop bags for women amazon-1

There was an amazon box inside that box was a really big nice box that flips open and inside that was the bag and the bag was inside this bag okay and then you take the bag out. And then the handles had plastic over it like it was just very well packaged you could tell that the seller really wanted to protect the bag. And you know takes pride in the quality of their bags.
Like you can just tell when people put forth that effort to take extra care of their products. So i really liked that so the next bag. I want to show you this one only comes in brown.
And this is another laptop taupe slash briefcase bag. And i like it. Because it has feels like a satchel so it kind of flips over as you can see it has the ease gave logo here and this bag is different because also because it has the zipper on the back.
Which is really convenient for me because especially when i travel from location to location for work. I dont have to fish around for my keys. I can throw it in here or put on my cell phone in there or whatever.
It is that makes it really convenient for me. I really like that this also comes with the strap. That you can choose to put on there or not you know its all up to you.
But the last time i used this i needed the strap. Because again my bag gets kind of heavy out. And then the handle at the top.
Its just one hand alone one very sturdy there very thick. I swear guys. These bags are really well made it has these two studs on the top here and each bag has i didnt show you one the purple.
One. But each bag has these four studs you know the little feet at the bottom. This particular bag like i said it flips over these are just for design.
So you use this little latch here twist. It and open up the bag inside is nice. I like it i like it.
And then on top of that this bag has a zipper on top of having the flap okay and the purple bag has a zipper as well but i like this added protection to your stuff with the flap and a zipper. So things just cant fall out easily or get in easily you know alright so im gonna try to show you the inside of this bag as best as i can without knocking something over okay alright. Its good and like i said the interior of this bag is exactly like the purple.
One okay so lets see if you hopefully you can see this is the inside of the bag. This bag also holds a 15 inch laptop okay so over here. You have a zipper pocket.
Dont have stuff in there.

laptop bags for women amazon-2
laptop bags for women amazon-2

No okay the zipper pocket. Then you have a space right here to put stuff. And then each bag also has a middle pocket.
A large middle pocket with a zipper. Okay. And so you can put stuff in there look at that and the interior.
You may be able to see has the ease gave logo printed all over it. Then you move that and then this is the part that hatley where you put your laptop. Okay.
It has a little strap with velcro. It has a separator here and on the other side of the separator hope you can see is the other parts of the velcro. So its an extra added measure.
So you put your laptop and put the strap over and connect it there to keep your laptop in place. There. And i really really like that.
And then beside that is another compartment where you can put things have you turned it around and then you have these two pockets here or pens your phone whatever you want to put in there so its got a lot of storage space in here you go. And the bag is not super big. Its not like big and cumbersome.
Its like a really good size. Its a good briefcase size. And you can hold a lot of things in here.
And i love it i really love it i have gotten compliments on this bag as well when ive taken it to work. I love the sides of both bags have this shape. Here.
Which really helps give more space on the inside because like i said. I do carry a lot of stuff and it helps to stand up. Whenever you need to put it down on the ground.
So this bag only comes in this brown color. Unfortunately hopefully theyll come out with some what do you hopefully theyll come out with some more colors soon. But right now this one only comes in brown.
And as a matter of fact this bag costs less than the other bag. And i will put the links to both of the bags down in the description box for you so that you can check them out. And also if you dont already know i am.
And um.

laptop bags for women amazon-3
laptop bags for women amazon-3

I have an amazon influencer store. So ill put the link to my influencer store. As well and i have a whole bunch of things in there from different categories like hair and skin care and household items.
All things that i have purchased and i and i recommend so im definitely gonna add these to my amazon store because theyre fairly new to me i got um. I got the purple. One first as a gift during the holidays and then i got this one okay um.
Because i like them so much. And whats really nice is that depending on your mood. Maybe depending on what youre wearing whatever you can kind of switch them up.
And what i love about this is its very nice and feminine and all the different colors that it comes in its really great and see it has similar sides like the brown. One as far as like the square kind of bottom and i think that the brown. One is i dont know im not a guy.
But to me it kind of looks like a unisex style. Really i dont know what do you think i anyway. Its nice.
I like it like i said ill put the links to both of these products down in the description box as well as the link to my amazon store. So you can check out some of the other things that i really liked that i bought from amazon. Amazon has got to be like my favorite store like who else can relate just about everybody right so im im do plan on doing a couple more videos with some other amazon favorites and i think i want to group them into category.
So maybe ill do a video for home comes and a video for maybe beauty item something like that so let me know what you think down in the comments. If you have not yet subscribed to my channel. Id love for you to do so and if you are already a subscriber.
Thank you so much and welcome back anyway guys give this video a thumbs up if you liked this video and want to see more videos like this if you have any other video suggestions for me feel free to leave them down below in the comments. And ill see you in the next. Video.
Take care. Bye bye music you once we reach 100000. Subscribers.
And im so excited and know we can get there. But i definitely cant do it to like sooner than later without everyones help so you got your subscribe marry me please subscribe. But im gonna you know to subscribe and share my videos.
All that helps so much share this video to anyone who is looking to get a little more gains which who isnt willing or ho looking to get a few more gains right so alright. I love you guys. And i upload about four to six weeks.
Ill see you tomorrow or the next day in a brand new video yeah music. .

laptop bags for women amazon-4
laptop bags for women amazon-4

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